Not all problems are worth solving – and not all problems are equally important for a prospect to address –
DNA Associate Frans Coenen shares five best practices that you and your team can use to determine if a prospect’s problems matter.

Crucial conversations

Prepare for the crucial conversations in life, identify them quickly, and adapt your way of communicating instantly, de-escalate, create meaningful discussions, build rapport and connect!

We have 6 guidelines for you to master!

Transformation & Culture by Fresh by Friska

Many Organisations find Implementing Change Incredibly Difficult – Why?

In this article you will learn more about
– the leadership style you need post COVID’19
– 3 biggest culture builders
– How to build a culture that embraces transformation

Thank you Friska for these excellent perspectives.


How Value Proposition Design creates companywide insights Value Proposition Design, have you heard of it? Maybe someone in your company mentioned it being important? If so, did you act? Let us start by sharing some facts that might catch your interest: Based on studies by HBR and many other surveys, an average of 70% of…

B2B Lead Gen

7 tips for B2B Lead generation in challenging times by Giovanni Mascali (5 minute read) How do I keep my business to business leads flowing in these challenging times? What should I do? Where to start? If you’re an entrepreneur, you probably asked yourself these questions lately. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. To make life a…

Panic never brought anything good (Infographic)

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Measurements against COVID are slowly being lifted (although there is a long way to go), there is still panic going regarding our economy, and the future prosperity of our businesses. The situation now requires creativity, stamina and agility! Your time is valuable, so this time not…

Culture Management KPI´s

Efficient Culture Management KPIs (By Tiago Nunez) Hope this will find everyone doing well and hope that your family and extended family are also well. With close to 10 years studying happiness at workplaces for high performance, I have connected many dots that make sense sharing it openly especially in a time like this. The…


UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL The global lockdown is not going anywhere soon. We are all impacted, we cannot hide, and most of all, we cannot run away anymore! Your Mindset will make the difference between success and failure. Focussing on the right things matters. Get your head out of the sand. Adapt to the situation. For…

Plan for success

Plan for success; 5 tips to organise yourself and your team in times of crisis

5 tips for Creating a productive environment for your tribe! (5-minute read)

Photo by Alberto Bigoni on Unsplash

What if you could transform the way your team performs
What if you can help them own improvements and deliver upon them
What if they can grow to be the best version of them
What if ……

Read this blog if you want to create a productive environment for your tribe….

The ABC rule of Customer Culture

Does your company have a customer first culture? Are your people Involved, empowered and agile? Are you applying the right ABC rule? Not sure, then continue reading!


12 HACKS TO ENABLE SUCCESS IN BOTH BUSINESS AND PERSONAL LIFE! On your way to work and keen to “be” #productive instead if #busy? Then we have a challenge for you with some useful guidelines provided by Craig Harper: Do the work; Don’t be lazy Stop waiting; It’s time Rely on yourself; The universe does…


5 tips to ensure your program delivers “real” results: In most journeys we work on we see that alignment based on clear definitions or processes is challenging and sometimes obscure. Different stakes, but also a lack of understanding on what really the definitions are, and how they impact the different functions.


Why does it take long to implement changes? Why do the changes not bring success? Do we actually implement changes and outset what success really means? Do we know what success actually means for the organisation? More importantly, does the individual team member grasp what success means and its impact on them?