Disruption is the new standard in business thinking, or is it just a hype?

A fresh new start…… That’s what for me looking at new opportunities and innovative opportunities. Priorities are set by the customers we serve. Yes, you heard it right. Priorities are set by your customers. It’s time to kickstart your plan of enhanced deliverables which will support their success.

As Customer Experience professionals our key focus is making every customer interaction one to remember (from a positive note). Defining new strategic area’s of improvements and creating positive environment for your team members to grow, learn and evolve. So looking at trends and understanding what enhancements you can implement to make the life of your customers easier, is a great start.

Setting priorities in the new world, requires letting go of the old world…

I recently was talking with my leadership team around priorities. Quite quickly the KPI’s defined in the past years were discussed and we were well on the way of getting through them when something triggered me. Why are our priorities inside out. Why do we have priorities which are not in line with what customers expect from is. Even worse. What do customers expect from us? Good Service, 1st time resolution, Quick responses….

All of this may be true, but at the end of the day defining KPI’s like turn around times and handling certain volumes, does in fact not result in a better customer satisfaction index. In the world of delivering an excellent customer experience you need to keep looking at your company from a customers lens. Are you digital enough, and do you offer simple ways of engagement. Do you drive value for the customer throughout the journey, and are you able to guide them. Before talking about the operational KPI’s, a clear view on how those KPI’s drive their success should be the initial step in aligning on your operational services.

Outside In…

KPI’s are often aligned with company growth targets. Mission statements, vision and strategic imperatives drive the way we measure success. However looking at success from a CX perspective, it’s not about your numbers, if you hit your target, or the volume you process. It’s all about how customers perceive you, and in current age how Digital your presence is. We tend to look at how our competitors operate and market themselves, but forget to ask our customers what they would like to see and involve them in our idea’s. The customer nowadays is in the driving seat. Through online interactions they are steering the direction. Being a A label, with multiyear experience, and the best in class, not always results in delivering the best customer experience. In a recent survey Bruce Temkin posted recently via an infographic which illustrates how good customer experience results in more lock in of customers and an support the growth of your company. Trust in the quality and services results in more opportunity to sell more solutuins, higher retention and increase customer engagement.

Digitisation should be part of your priorities

Different experts in our sector predict that digitized approach and artificial intelligence will change the way we approach our customer interactions. An interesting video I found recently on You Tube (Source: Gerd Leonhard) shows that the digitized world will change the the way we operate, and our human interaction will require adaptation. The role our service managers have will shift in the years (months looking at the speed of development) to come, to a more dynamic environment. Important note is that automation should never replace the human interactions your customers demand.

As we will progress in 2018 the dynamics and evolution will result in a huge impact on how we serve our customers. From my personal perspective I have one mission “Put the customer centric in anything we do”, one vision “Created with influence of our customers” and will search more partnership “Make sure that in everything we do, our customer is part of the decision making”.

2019 will be a new adventure, where new technologies, A.I., and a digitized approach are evidently  part in the successes we as customer experience professionals achieve. Our customers however will tell us if we have done it right. Is digitization a hype, I guess not. It will change the way we operate and evolve.  What are your priorities for 2019? Do not forget, we almost in the fourth quarter of the year and 2019 is around he corner.

About the author: @Rahim Gulamali Strategic Customer Experience focussed Transformational Leader with outstanding track record across BPO, Strategic Change Management, Corporate Risk Management, Information technology, Technical and Financial Project Management. Proven track record in; designing, guiding, clarifying and completing (international) strategic programs; motivating teams and individuals to deliver; streaming and energizing existing business processes where People drive/own the success.

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