How to write to the point content, which is appealing to your target audience…

In an era of fast expanding modernised delivery methods for content, it’s of vast importance that the content you produce is of value to your target audience. Writing from an outside in view is not easy.  Writing and moderating content from a single voice with simple to understand writing is even more challenging. Especially when you are producing specialised content. Here are some useful tips to achieve the right impact.

Expert documentation

Writing manuals or detailed content from a product experts view, often has a lot of business jargon used. We have seen specialized content developed which were completely out of reach of comprehension of the target audience. This may also be the case with your content.

Marketing documentation

From a content marketing perspective online blogs and post help steer traffic in to your website. This is great. But your target audience can be diverse. Online web content should be easy to interpret. And having different team members writing the content, can result in a not so streamlined message. This content should be easy, tot the point and preferably designed around the audience it’s designed for.

Website content

Also in this case information should be to the point. Preferably getting your visitor to quickly get in touch with an expert who can help them. Long stories and in depth article information is not preferred. If a vistor scans your website and does not find what they are looking for within 30 seconds, they move on.

Presentation materials

In a lot of presentations there is a lot of information (text) which is used for explanation purposes. But in fact it’s better to use pictures and graphs in the design, and use as less as possible words in the presentation. You will see that when you have a great presentation, people will be focussed on the storyline, and not their laptops. There are different rules of engagement when building a deck.  How deep you go is pending the audience. Always keep clear on “Why,  What, How and the Who” and leave as much clutter out as possible.

Although above is just a  short view on content management, we hope you can benefit from above tips to improve the content you produce.


About the author: @ WendyDuchain

Self-starter with enthusiastic drive to deliver. Keeping the greater picture in mind I focus on adding value to the business and our customers. Extensive experience in commercial as well as organisational roles ensure I will finish any project to the best standards possible.

Key values I bring to the organisation :
* Communication is key.
* Believe in and communicate your strengths.
* Deliver through agile methods, test, learn and adapt.
* Commercial drive with an outside-in focussed approach.
* Enhance capabilities through coaching and motivation.

Together we get things done!

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