Organisational readiness is key to drive a successful (digital) strategy (BLOG) (4 minute read)

This is something you probably recognise within your company. We align on initiatives for the year, which have been defined based on deals we lost in the past year. We define new innovations, based on changes in the market. We define team enhancements, based on the learnings we have undergone in the past year. But at the end of the year, we have had to disinvest and redirect the focus area’s as the day to day takes over. Making the right decisions and rethinking what went well, and what could be improved is indeed a good starting point for your short term improvements. But rethinking where you will be on the long term, is something else. Are you ready to do something great?

Ask yourself the following questions

To identify your organisation readiness, ask yourself the following questions when aligning to new objectives:

  • Is the concept or idea future proof?
  • Are you busy copying your competitors, or are you innovating in your space?
  • Does your strategy take care of your existing customers? Or are you focussed on the new?
  • Have you defined a balanced approach?
  • Does the imperative your are pursuing contribute to your foundations and are they contributing to your business strategy
  • Is your organisation ready to believe and adopt the concept and transform this in to reality?
  • Have you taken in account lessons learned.
  • Do you have the agility to follow through on what you have started
  • What is the possible business impact to your organisation
  • Where do your customers benefit? (I would place this as first question).

Organisation Agility

Greatness comes with passion. Greatness comes with the dare to make mistakes. Greatness inevitable when you test and learn.

As with any longterm strategy the now is not the tomorrow. Market changes, competitors change, but also your customers are changing. The digital and online world is leading to changing behaviours. Thus you’d better make sure you apply an agile approach to the imperatives you set. It’s not bad that the goal post changes direction. Its even better if you are able to adapt to the changing goal post and reposition. You cannot oversee the future, but you can test and learn. Use the investment you aim to make to start guiding your organisation in the direction you have envisioned to go. Minimising risk as you are not taking the leap, but just small steps in the direction.

Balanced portfolio Management

A mission, vision and strategy you set for multiple years and should guide your organisation knowing that you will need to adapt as you progress. In most cases a portfolio of initiatives is focussed on growth based on existing capabilities and enhancing them, and finding new (innovative) growth opportunities. You should not mix them together as your current business needs and your future business opportunities could differ to an extend, that mixing them would lead to confusion both inside your organisation as outside your organisation. Important is that the strategic imperatives are synchronised. From my personal experience I’ve seen initiatives contradicting each other within organisations, resulting in to lack of focus and direction. Thus make sure that all your new imperatives are synchronised and managed well as a one portfolio. With clear KPI’s to measure the performance. Starting doing great things require a plan to get there.

Organisational readiness

When defining your direction the whole organization starts building their focus around the objectives you want to achieve. Sometimes the new direction requires out of the box thinking and a drive for innovative idea’s which are outside the comfort zone of your company. But can lead to new business area’s and a new growth dynamic. Your organizational readiness to effectively believe, deliver and adapt needs a clear plan to achieve this. If there is limited believe, insufficient knowledge, or even bad past experiences, working on your organization readiness is just as important, as running your portfolio. Success comes with getting your people behind the new, without forgetting the old.

It may look like common sense, but soo many organisations keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Lessons learned are forgotten the moment we move to the next best thing. So let’s start learning from the past, to do great things in the future. The Digital era has been here for quite some time now. Catching up however is not complex. It just requires perseverance, team work and strong focus.

Ready to “do something great” and deliver?

I’m interested about hearing your perspectives and the initiatives. Happy to be at your disposal if you would like to learn more or share experiences. Send me a personal message or share your experiences with the network via a post.

About the author: @Rahim Gulamali-Duchain.

Strategic Customer Experience focussed Transformational Leader with outstanding track record across BPO, (Digital) Strategic Change Management, Corporate Risk Management, Information technology, Technical and Financial Project Management. Proven track record in; designing, guiding, clarifying and completing (international) strategic programs; motivating teams and individuals to deliver; streaming and energizing existing business processes where People drive/own the success.


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