Don’t let fear get in the way of your progression. Enlighten yourself…

Have you ever been in a situation that you feared. For instance a situation which you did not have under control. A fast moving train rolling by where you were required to jump on to, but the thought of doing it and taking the leap, seemed totally out of your comfort zone. Your head has taken over your hart, Or even the other way around. You struggle as you see the last carriage  approaching the station and the speed is picking up. You know you just have second to jump on before you miss the momentum. You close your eyes and prepare for the jump. You hesitate and then you wake up….

You may struggle understanding and comprehending where you fit in the bigger picture.  Your may be challenged with a task which is complex and out of your comfort zone. Do not loose confidence in yourself, your purpose and our future.

In the fast evolving environment you work in,  the head can be in disconnect with the hart. The fear of actually jumping on that symbolical train can be a blockade. So are there way’s to get a clear understanding of the hesitation you have. Here a few simple tips to clarify.

What do you bring to the table?

For some people the SWOT (R: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) has been somewhat overrated. However when required to overrun a challenge, it doesn’t hurt to evaluate your personal SWOT and reflect that on the challenge forehand. In most swots the threats you define, are often also the direct opportunities you have. Your weaknesses in respect, can easily be your strengths. The situational mirror you set will give you a clear view on the work items you need to tackle (Both personal as business).

What is holding you back?

Evaluating your business and personal challenges one side of the spectrum. Believe and trust is another. Before you can win over the hesitation and the fear, you need to get Head and Hart in line.  Ask yourself what is holding you back. Getting to understand where your head and hart lie and getting a clear view on your fears, is the bases for creating a better understanding and defining a direction. If your head and hart is in the right place, your performance and motivation will grow, and hesitation will evolve to seeing the opportunity.

It’s all about balance

Creating a right balance between fear and motivation, persistence and drive. Knowing is one thing, but actually taking action upon your work items is another. If you take one step at a time outside your comfort zone, you can test and learn the effects of doing this. Important is that you ensure that your work items are scalable and you take small steps to overrun the fear of failure. From small steps, to bigger leaps..

Are you the mentor/coach, then here a useful starting points

Performance of your team members is linked to on one hand the talent they have, on the other hand the experience they bring. Looking at the past years I’ve had numerous team members who had the talent and experience, but were lacking the “dare”. Exploring their fears, and helping them regain trust is an important role you have. Empathy however should be combined with clear goals for improvement as in the end, they are the ones who need to overcome their fears. There are many techniques for exploration, but from my experience a 1 on 1 coaching session where you ask them to create a personal and business SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats), evaluate behaviors in all 4 sections, can be a good tool which in general gives the basics you will need to come up with a joined plan to make them successful.

About the author: @Rahim Gulamali Strategic Customer Experience focussed Transformational Leader with outstanding track record across BPO, Strategic Change Management, Corporate Risk Management, Information technology, Technical and Financial Project Management. Proven track record in; designing, guiding, clarifying and completing (international) strategic programs; motivating teams and individuals to deliver; streaming and energizing existing business processes where People drive/own the success.

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