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Why does it take long to implement changes? Why do the changes not bring success? Do we actually implement changes and outset what success really means? Do we know what success actually means for the organisation? More importantly, does the individual team member grasp what success means and its impact on them?

Altering markets/competition/direction requires a company to be aware of the outside environment and the needs customers have. It had always surprised me how long it took before organisations made the decision to actually make clear choices on where they invest, and where they stop investing in. 

Time and time again, We see that these choices take time, sometimes too long resulting in an under-par performance of team members and subsequently, an under pace performance of the company. The flash “outside-in” is used too much as an excuse to forget to look inside out!

Your team members first need to embrace the direction you are taking! 

Invest in your people!

People are your most valuable asset. They engage with your customers and often are the first line of contact. They must understand and get behind the transformation. Just telling them the direction is not enough. They need to own it, be part of the conceptualisation and further on effectuation of your strategy. So how do you do this? Start by investing in your people., Coach them. Guide them. Involve them. Do not expect them to just do whatever visionary idea you have. They need to own it. 

You will find people embracing the new direction, and you will have team members who will fight. Some of them will leave. Investing in them is one of the most valuable assets you have to actually change the direction you are taking.

Hire the best you can find?

Great stuff, but I have a limited budget to hire people. So I hire what I can afford. 

When you hire, always hire the best. Not the average. That investment will payback in the long run. It’s part of the companies DNA to grow. But listen here. You cannot increase the numbers if you do not invest in developing your team members! 

Investing in hiring the best, excel in onboarding new and existing team members, facilitate training. Most of all. Hire people who are motivated to invest in themselves. This growth mindset approach is a fundamental prerequisite and the basis for company growth!

Hire people with a growth mindset

Your value proposition changes every day. If they don’t, you are lucky to have no competition, or you are on your way to the graveyard! The individual slightly different use cases customers have, require a constant update on existing ones . In some/most cases, the evolution of these value stories requires you to evolve your organisation. Stimulate (Corparate) Intrapreneurship, document the ammendmends, and learn as a team.

The story, the believes, the emotion should be a continuous learning process on all levels of the organisation. As your financial controller to pitch the value propositions back to you. Ask someone in the back office to pitch back. When really getting into understanding the value you bring and the overall customer journey, you will notice that decisions are taken with a variation of mindset. The one of Growth versus protection!

Creating a coherent story across your business enables everyone to sell, understand what it solves, and how it contributes to the success of customers. 

Teach Agility

In many organisations, the customer is not fully integrated into the mindset of teams. We may experience processes which have limited impact on the success of customers. Put on place to protect instead of to serve.

In times that lean management and agile are starting to reach the Ceo’s office (Source HBR), it’s wise to really take a look at your existing processes and how they impact the customers’ journey. 

Let this sink in a bit…..

Setting up walls between teams is in the agile thinking not supporting flexibility and dynamics to quickly adapt, test and learn. This whole part of agile thinking, flexibility in processes, and training team members to be intrapreneurs should be part of the DNA of companies. We say we are agile, but at the same time have extensive processes which do not contribute to the success of customers. We say we are agile but apply complex HR policies. We say we are agile, but in the onboarding, we are not training new and existing team members in agility. We say we are agile but have to keep the factory going. Many excuses, which are easy to resolve. Many solutions, which are easy to implement. Agile mindset is something which should be on all levels to enable innovation, transformation and growth.

Anyone can learn to be agile, You just need to continuously invest in them

A summary:

At the foundations of your organisation are the people! Create a tribe of great people. Onboard them in a way that stimulates agility. Hire the best you can find instead of hiring based on budget. Take it from us. When you hire the best, they will find ways to simplify, automate and grow your business. Hire based on price. Well…. you get where we are going. Invest in your team members. Use online training tools like Udemy. Get them to use LinkedIn learning. Or find another solution. More importantly. Besides onboarding, there is also something like reboarding. The fact that someone has worked 20 years for you is great. The fact that someone after 20 years is still growing with you is better. 

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