Data Visualisation Services

We at D-N-A specialise in supporting you with data visualisation services with the use of PowerBI or the development of Reports and Dashboards in your Salesforce platform Reports & Dashboards

Our consultants have extensive experience with working with team leaders to gain insight into their operational performance. By developing custom reports and dashboards to monitor workload, target progression and gain insights about daily performance. The challenge however with Salesforce Reports and Dashboards is that they only show the current state of the data. Historical information is limited available in the historical tabes on opportunity level, making it more a solution to define the current state and progression


Zapier we use to help automate work and connectivity to the most common systems. Think for instance about data gathered through information request via your websites and pushed into your CRM for creation of leads.

We are here to support you with the automation of your internal flows and supports the automation of data collection activities. For more information about Zapier, please follow the following link:


PowerBi is a very strong, lightweight data visualisation tool. As an advantage above Salesforce, It offers connectivity to most common databases, ERP and CRM systems and enables great insights and visualisations on your company data. More information about PowerBI can be found via

Connected data sources:

We have experience with connecting the following data sources to PowerBI:

  • New Voice Media
  • Gainsight
  • Jeeves
  • Dynamix AX
  • SAP Hana
  • IBIS
  • SQL Databases via ODBC Connection
  • Oracle Databases via ODBC Connection
  • MS Access Databases

Out of the box PowerBI offers additional standard connections.

Our Experience

We have supported clients with the following data visualisations and analytics:

  • CSAT/NPS Analysis
  • Churn Analysis
  • Workload Analysis
  • Dispute Analysis
  • Usage and pace analysis
  • Payplan performance dashboard
  • Pipeline dashboards
  • White Space analysis customer portfolio
  • Product Analysis
  • Product/Pipeline analysis
  • Product feedback analysis
  • Marketing Pipeline Analysis
  • Marketing Analysis
  • MQL versus/SQL
  • Average lead duration
  • Conversion analysis
  • Campaign analysis
  • Finance Analysis
  • Financial Performance analysis
  • Dispute management Analysis
  • Revenue analysis
  • Quote to cash analysis

Interested in learning more about how you can achieve an improved insight into your data, we are happy to support you with expert services.

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