12 hacks to being successful!

On your way to work and keen to “be” #productive instead if #busy? Then we have a challenge for you with some useful guidelines provided by Craig Harper:

  • Do the work; Don’t be lazy
  • Stop waiting; It’s time
  • Rely on yourself; The universe does not give a damn
  • Be #Practical. Success is not a theory
  • Be #productive! Don’t F*&*ck around all day.
  • Don’t be a baby; Get on with it!
  • Don’t hang out with nitwits
  • Don’t waste energy on shit you cannot control!
  • Stop Bulshitting; It’s #embarrassing
  • Stop being a people pleaser; It’s pathetic!
  • Stop putting #toxic shit in your body; It’s stupid
  • Stop doing the same shit and hope that things will change

Some food for thought:

Achieving your goals requires #focus, elimination of distractions and strong #execution. If you do this right, there is no room waisting time on things which do not contribute to success. The week is short and overtime does not make you more effective. It demonstrates you are not!. Take #control and start make a #difference to yourself, your team and your customers. Everyone benefits at the end of the day!

This weeks challenge: “Be” the difference! Happy #workweek!

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