The ABC rule of Customer Culture

The ABC of Customer Culture

Remember your last negative experience with a customer service department. Did you tell anyone about it? Did you go back for more services? Probably not.

Digital strategies are generally created on the bases of a customer-first approach. Delivering the right assets to help customers through the funnel, buy, be excited, speed-up services, etc. etc. The drive in organisations to get these digital solutions up and running is vital to the success and job security of the people working for these companies. But in practise people do not always experience the benefit.

Fact is, digital strategies, automation, AI, machine learning and all the new technologies are changing the way we communicate, interact and think. Now we arrived in 2020 it’s clear that Companies who fall behind on digitisation, die!

The hard nut to crack concerning the adoption of these new technologies is the ability of organisations to transform the culture of their business to a customer-first culture. Subsequently create the obsession to do better every single day and onboard the new dynamics offered to us in the market today.

Challenging point is that in most digital strategy objectives, the people team has no influence or involvement. Which for me is something strange as these new ways of working require people to change, learn new things, and transform themselves.

People, processes and systems should grow and evolve at the same speed, to achieve success and increase agility

Some questions pop up when thinking about culture and identifying the need for elevating the culture of an organisation e.g. delivering a business readiness assessment:

  1. Are your teams focussed on continuously improving the way they deliver service or are they centred on handling tickets?
  2. Are you in it to hit targets, e.g. the ABC Rule “Always be Closing“, or do you have the modern ABC Rule “Always Be Caring“?
  3. Are your team members intentionally focussed on your customers well being, or are they just fulfilling their traditional targets?
  4. Are your team members intrinsically obsessed with your customer’s success/growth, or is it just a job which pays the bills?
  5. How are your team members coping with the continuous drive to improve and change, or do you employ ostriches?

Achieving the cultural transformation at the base of your digital transformation is challenging and daunting to both the people burdened with strategy definition, as the people who are impacted by the changes. It’s essential to keep the people, processes and systems in sync throughout the journey. Without delaying your delivery.

People are flexible as long as they can relate to the cause and supported into the transition. A customer-first culture, as part of your mission statement, assists with achieving significant agility improvements within your teams. Involving your people team to drive the changing cultural objectives as a base for growing and transforming your business is vital to achieving an end-to-end success.

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