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We know, it’s challenging to ensure your people (Tribe) are focussed and delivering to expectations. With all the business meetings, personal meetings, Email clutter, shifting priorities, coffee brakes and the everlasting urge to involve everyone into new engagements, the productivity of team members can be far fetched.

  • What if you can bring structure to their engagements.
  • What If, you could enable team members to be creative;
  • What if, you allow them to make time free to contribute to the success of your company;
  • What if you can enable team members to join the continuous urge for change and improvements;
  • What if…..

Here my 5 tips for creating coherence, improve productivity, and create a culture of continuous improvement!

  1. Make your tribe owner of defining and delivering Strategic Objectives;
  2. Prepare to complete 3 main priorities every day! No hesitation!
  3. Join meetings prepared, and contribute!
  4. Give them scheduled time for intrapreneurship
  5. Ask Questions, build business cases!

Have we caught your attention, then read the rest of this blog:

1. Strategic Goals

From experience, the best way to help people understand “why”, create a culture of continuous improvement, and grow with the evolution of your company, is to give them a strategic objective. This could be as simple to reduce time spend on daily tasks or contribute to an overall goal.

Make this part of your 1:1’s and let them take ownership. It will help create a continuous drive to simplify, focus and improve.

2. Deliver three main objectives every day.

It’s easy to get cluttered in answering emails (often a result of others shifting their priority on you. The day to day production/delivery must continue to flow! But how do you create flow? Teach your team members to define 3 main priorities for each day. (Preferably before they leave work the day before), and schedule some “me” time in the calendar to deliver these objectives without interruption. It will give them a fulfilling feeling as they actually will provide the main priorities, and provide them with time to pick up other stuff. It might not seem comfortable in the chaotic world we live in. Just make sure they are clear to their (internal) customers! Everyone understands that priorities come first. If their priority needs prioritisation, they should make sure that what they deliver the request, it’s complete and precise! Read out top 10 productivity hacks Blog for more tools!

3. Join meetings prepared, and Contribute!

How often have you joined a meeting where people are not prepared? They may not be completely clear on the topics! Maybe working on other issues. Far from focussed. It’s easy to invite everyone you think may have a contribution to the subjects. But in the end, for 70% of the attendees is meant just a waste of time.

Creating a culture where meetings are productive, requires everyone to ensure they are prepared, understand the objectives, and deliver their part. If this is not clear, then why join? It will be a waste of time, better spend on your 3 main priorities for the day.

4. Stimulate corporate intrapreneurship

Many tech companies are already doing this. Team members get 4 hours (or whatever you can allocate) per week to be the corporate entrepreneur. The challenges of the company, customers or their day to day are open for improvements. Let them find structural solutions to improve and contribute to the overall strategy.

Intrapreneurship, at the same time, supports the concept of creating a culture for continuous improvement. Your customers will benefit from the continuous drive. Improvements will lead to increased productivity, ownership and engagement!

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5. Ask questions, build cases for improvement

We have a strong believe that structured, focussed and engaged team members make a difference between just doing good, or doing great as a company. They are the ones working with customers and are the eyes and ears to fuel your improvements. They are the ones delivering the work. 

The more resilient people get, the more inventive they will be! If they complain about working overtime or spending too much time on unproductive meetings, let them own the solution. They should be in control on how they manage time, efforts and energy! 

Teach them to ask questions. Be the internal critics. There is no better way to quickly learning the flaws in your strategy, improving the approach and subsequently delivering upon the target. You will not benefit from people who only say yes. Open up for questions, contributions and concepts. If they believe in an idea, let them build the case. Based on facts, insights and data.


Give your team members a platform to do better every day. Where ownership of continuous improvement lies with them! You, as a leader, are the guide, the enabler, the coach and the partner! 

Still, struggling? Eager to learn more about going from a good leader to being a great leader?

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