Plan for success

Plan for success; 5 tips to organise yourself, team and family in times of crisis (1 minute read)

With most of us in #quarantine or #socialdistancing, working from home, it’s vital to keep the structure in the week and prioritise. We are now in a time where our daily routine of taking care of us, going to work, coming home etc. etc. requires updated planning—this weeks challenge.

Prioritise what’s important. Plan your week upfront; be agile!

  1. Plan a 45-minute daily call at 9 AM with your team to assess the priorities and check in on their #wellbeing!
  2. Define your schedule for the week (incl. Home Sports, Family time); Block the time in your agenda;
  3. Prioritise the three most important tasks for the day and complete them. Block time for this in the morning;
  4. Set 30 minutes for daily inhouse #exercise! Plan this with the people/family at home; Energise!
  5. Apply structure; align this with your team and family members at home, create balance;

Try it! It will give a great feeling of #purposedrivenleadership and meaning!

D-N-A – The Growthbrokers! are here to help you be more productive and find a balanced approach to deliver both personal and business growth. Especially in times of crisis we want you to know that we are just a phone call away. Free of charge. No selling of services. Just some quality time!

#bethebestversionofyou #teamdynamics #besafe #focussed #workingfromhome

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