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The global lockdown is not going anywhere soon. We are all impacted, we cannot hide, and most of all, we cannot run away anymore! Your Mindset will make the difference between success and failure. Focussing on the right things matters. Get your head out of the sand. Adapt to the situation.

For some of us, this means changing to work from home, for others, it means finding a new purpose and meaning. For all of us, it means “wake up”, adapt and focus! Unwind your Potential!

First: A massive shout out!

To all the people who are helping us every day. They are the foundations we are counting on in the months to come! Are you one of these people. A massive thank you!

If not, then you are probably at home! It’s our responsibility to take care of ourselves, and others. This situation is creating a new opportunity to really take our creativity to the next level! We just need to stay focussed on what’s really important to achieve objectives and avoid distractions which not contribute to what needs to be done.

3 Pointers!

  1. Go back to the basics in the short term, keep focussed on the long term objectives.
  2. Lean and agile thinking/doing. Tackle the issues quickly and firm, make enough time to available to Grow towards your goals! Don’t dwell on it. Your goals are more important than short term disruptions!
  3. Adapt, Be creative. Connect! There is a lot of information online available as everyone has something to say (I’m one of them, however trust that I bring value (No I do not lack any confidence). Be wary though. Getting stuck in online information gathering can also distract you from achieving your goal. Be selective, focus, Limit distractions!

Be the light, not the problem!

Your business thrives on forward-leaning leadership. It thrives on the ability to deliver agility and progress. Paralyzing yourself due to the situation does not support the growth mindset of your people, processes and systems.

I read an article last week about 3 types of CEO’s current state of mind, and their effectivity/impact. In Short: Being in a (1.) specific mindset of fear (paralyze), (2) short term focussed on top of the news (unfocussed and reacting) and (3) longterm (Focussed on coming out of this crisis better than when we started).

Fear is a great thing. Cope with it. Don’t let them get in the way of your goals; Progression is the way forward! Make the right choice to achieve results which get you closer to your target!

Rahim Gulamali

You have been chosen and set apart for a purpose! Are you living up to it?

Start defining/delivering your purpose. To support you, we have updated our training program!

The past weeks we have been working on further expanding our programs to help business leaders efficiently deliver their Growth Strategy. Our Business Strategy course has been updated to accommodate to the changing situation and elevate your transformation skills. As business leader you have been set apart and chosen for this purpose.

Start your journey to fame!

Get started with adapting the journey to fame and growth. Use the tools available to you!

Your guiding light!

Book time with us to brainstorm on your case. Let us connect you with the Growth Network. Help you adapt, or just be the objective partner.

We execute sustainable growth services for Startups, Scale-Ups and Multinationals. During these times measurements need to be executed well. We do that by synchronising people, processes and systems across your organisation. Increase effectivity and Growth!

Contact us, and we will match up your needs with the right support. And note: We do this free of charge. Together we will come out of this crisis better, stronger and more resilient!

I have been extremely impressed with his out of the box thinking and willingness to look at the process with an open minded and creative perspective!

Kathleen Attinello, Vice President Customer Success
at HM Health Solutions INC.

Business coach, Program Lead, Interim CXO, COO, CIO, CSO, from strategic design to physical delivery! Passionate about growing people and a firm believer that the journey is just as important as the ultimate goal. By empowering team members we create the entrepreneurs of the future!Recognised (see recommendations) by former clients, team members and partners as the go-to person when it comes to his track record in delivering purpose and meaning in transformations! Rahim is the power behind Duchain & Associates, a network of Growth Consultants! Completed over 50 successful programs over the past 20 years at a success rate of 98%, Impressive!Pioneer in the area of transformational consulting, leadership and organisational development, topped up with in-exhaustive energy, creativity and passion make him one of the most desirable transformational leads working in today´s market!Rahim is based in Barcelona (Spain)! His work area extends to EMEA and US with past engagements covering most continents!A fun fact. Rahim is a wannabe DJ (a source of creativity), a devoted husband and father (The caring part) and Dogwalker (he calls this sports). Connect and grow with us!