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Hope this will find everyone doing well and hope that your family and extended family are also well. With close to 10 years studying happiness at workplaces for high performance, I have connected many dots that make sense sharing it openly especially in a time like this

The word Culture gets utilized as a synonym of effective results, however, most often it does not translate to results. The root cause of the problem is effectively tackling culture’s most important KPIs (key performance indicators). I have worked in the heavy industry of wire manufacturing where we utilize the PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) stages to achieve sustainable growth at different projects. Let me kindly tell you that this same system is utilized in Aerospace Manufacturing (Boeing/Embraer) and also in Automotive Manufacturing (Toyota).

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With this idea in mind that a framework should be supporting each stage of the culture change deployment. Lets jump into the main KPIs according to Harvard Business Studies instructor Shawn Archor and FGV MBA instructors.

(1) Does management have a tool to monitor and develop the P/N (Positivity/Negativity) ratio of social interactions?

Many Global Organizations created the CHO role. That stands for Chief Heart Officer. This person is able to sit through meetings enhancing the correct behavior to foster teamwork in the most productive way. That may sound touchy feeling and nonscientific, however, I can assure you it can be proven using advanced mathematical modules that I had the privilege to study and understand. It may also be simplified in a way that any human can engage and develop a healthy state of mind.

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(2) Does your team have a clear understanding of their core personal values?

In order to generate alignment with organizational core values, people need to understand what are their personal beliefs 1st. I have spent close to 5 years writing my personal core values down and now I only work for organizations that I see synergy; otherwise, it is a complete waste of time and energy. The exercise to dig through team and individuals core values as well as understanding the difference between core values and aims is a worthy tool for any culture change management program.

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(3) Communication gaps versus personality traits?

Does every player engage well with everyone or is it fair to say that a few personality traits bond more harmonically while others tend to social distance by natural affinity. Many communication gaps happen when team dysfunctions are in place. To better understand the 5 dysfunctions of a Team Patrick Lencioni wrote a few books that I have personally applied as a manager of my former team. As you can see having a simple profile evaluation of employees does not help you to achieve cultural excellence.

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As you can see by now there are many variables at play when we use the trending word Cultural Change Management. In case you would like to connect and talk further I am here to serve our community in these tough times ahead. I will give preference for the automotive, steel and aerospace segments where my experience is most correlated. I hope you enjoy this reading as I placed my heart and mind into it. Let us get out there and #staypostive #stayhumble #stayaligned!

About the Author Tiago Nunez:

Tiago Nunes: Martial artist, Optimist, and Industrial Thinker. I Love to connect the dots between People and Process. We are all into the Continuous Development Journey. Let us break the linear approach and start to think non linearly. By the end of the day, growth happens outside of our comfort zones. Tiago is co founder of the Ethos Mindset Group, a platform for sharing knowledge that connects professionals and companies. EMG is partner of DNA. Together we help organisations grow!


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