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How do I keep my business to business leads flowing in these challenging times? What should I do? Where to start? If you’re an entrepreneur, you probably asked yourself these questions lately. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. To make life a bit easier for you, we did some research. It led to these 7 tips for B2B lead generation in challenging times. Use them to your advantage.

  1. How to Generate B2B leads without trade shows and events
  2. Social media opportunities for B2B lead generation
  3. First impressions count in B2B lead generation; Check your profile.
  4. Select new connections smart
  5. Use social media to show your expertise, consult and support
  6. Nurture your relationships, but don’t spam!
  7. B2B evolves to H2H – leverage your social media accordingly

Did we catch your interest? Giovanni explains the points step by step in more detail.

TIP 1. How to generate B2B leads without trade shows and events

B2B companies see trade shows and events as the best way to generate new leads, product and company awareness or increase conversion rates.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, most important events are cancelled this year. Therefore, a reliable lead generation source is missing. Organisers adapt, switching to online events or conferences. Do you feel it’s more challenging to identify new leads, establish or strengthen relationships online? It doesn’t have to be.

Basically, it’s an equal opportunity. How you adapt and change your approach is what separates the flower from the weeds.

TIP 2: Social media opportunities for B2B lead generation

If you haven’t yet, start using your social media platforms more strategically. Apply focus towards those channels in your marketing and sales approach.

Social media platforms are a powerful, fast and direct communication tool. They are also a great way to drive B2B interactions and push awareness. Your social media channels enable you to establish new connections and business relationships, which help you generate growth opportunities.

For most B2B businesses, LinkedIn is the most relevant and effective social media platform.

TIP 3: First impressions count in B2B lead generation; Check your profile.

Stop treating your Linked In profile as a business card, CV or summary of your career steps. It is your billboard, your first impression for all LinkedIn members to find out who you are.

Your profile needs to be appealing. From the images you use, to the content you provide. Illustrate your competencies, achievements and successes so far. Where you can, help existing as well as new connections. Show your expertise.

TIP 4: Select new connections smart

LinkedIn offers search parameters to identify interesting new connections. When sending them a connection request, always include a personal note. Recipients are likely to check trustworthiness by looking at the sender’s profile before deciding to accept.

Is this not specific enough for you to enhance your B2B lead generation? Consider (paid) premium tools:

Premium tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator offer extended segmentation capabilities. Identify specific leads or accounts and use supplementary features like real-time updates or alerts to keep up with your target group. Your advantage? A targeted and effective way of selecting business contacts.

Also, use InMail. InMail enables you to send private messages to anyone on LinkedIn without being connected.  Be careful what you post, as the previous point says: First impressions count!

TIP 5: Use social media to show your expertise, consult and support

A social media platform is not a sales platform. You thought it was? Read again. Don’t pitch your offer within a connection request or quickly after gaining a new connection.

Support or provide solutions whenever it is possible and appropriate.

Act and be recognized as a consultative partner. Show your expertise if you want to use social selling successfully. Especially on LinkedIn.

TIP 6: Nurture your relationships, but don’t spam!

How do you feel about spam? Right, so don’t send it. Build real relationships with your connections. Listen, find out more about what they need and want. Be patient. Share insights that add value and provide high-quality content to nurture your online business contacts.

Your personalized interactions ultimately build trust and confidence in your expertise. It takes time, you need to be consistent, authentic as well as credible and one day your connections become loyal customers.

If you offer what they need of course. If not, they might recommend you to connections that do need your services.

TIP 7: B2B evolves to H2H – leverage your social media accordingly

B2B relationships rapidly evolve into H2H (Human to Human). Don’t fall behind; reconsider, leverage and adapt your sales approach. Specifically, on Social Media.

For instance; Set up a customized LinkedIn sales campaign to increase awareness. Engage with new leads or grow sales using a smart framework helping you drive forward your H2H lead generation.

Social media platforms generate attention to your brand, push existing interactions and drive new connections to achieve better results. Show people the human behind your business.

Want to know how to use LinkedIn to grow your business? Feel free to contact us. Generate more leads and start social selling now.


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