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Fascinates me why businesses, corporations tolerate disempowered KPI cultures. What is the point of identifying KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) unless they produce the results and empower the culture?. These are the Top 10 Dysfunctional observations I have noticed time and time again in businesses, organisations globally, based on over 20 years of research at the Executive level:


KPI’s targets,
  1. If even in existence are rarely met in a high percentage of cases
  2. engender a feeling of pressure, anxiety, overwhelm and disempowerment
  3. create a culture of making wrong and invalidation
  4. Are, in some cases, used like a stick mentality which has a huge psychological impact on the psyche of those accountable for sales
  5. that are not met, are like a negative, scarcity consciousness energy that is like toxic leakage in a company
  6. are usually set, in a lot of instances, especially in large corporations, without the buy-in by the individual who has to meet them
  7. are reset month after month which is ludicrous. What’s the purpose if they are not being met
  8. for some organisations literally kill a culture
  9. are pointless to be honest when they are constantly dishonoured
  10. are the Achilles heel of any Sales Manager who is managing Sales Teams, for usually there are legacy issues at play

Why on earth is this tolerated when the bottomline is the buzzword for most companies?

Companies will spend time focusing on improving their ‘company culture’ overall and I celebrate this for those companies brave enough to evolve to new levels of trajectory. But the focus of today’s article is to do with your ‘KPI Culture’, which is different. There is a distinct difference between a KPI Empowered Culture v KPI Disempowered Culture. Sadly, there is a lack of focus on this distinction. Its undeniable that it takes something to navigate the companies KPI Objectives/Measurement/Optimisation/Strategy/Performance/Indicators/Evaluation processes but for those that do experience exponential results.

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So what’s my take on how to change the culture where KPI fulfilment are concerned?

(1)      WRONG FOCUS

To meet a KPI you have to change in your identity as you know it. There is limited focus on who you need to be BEING to meet KPI’s for ALL the focus primarily is on what you need to DO! This is where the downfall is in my opinion


If non – performance becomes an acceptable norm then this not only becomes your ceiling but also becomes inevitable. Non-performance over time disempowers any culture.  Non-performance is a SYMPTOM, to transcend the dynamic, a company needs to unearth the CAUSE


Anyone can take action, but action that produces results is a completely different playing field. An epidemic problem in disempowered KPI cultures is selling out to the busyness paradigm.  If I am busy and generating a lot of activity then I can quantify my worth. Why would you expend that amount of effort if the results are not produced


Globally there seems to be a high level of disassociation to the impact non-performance has on the bottomline and here’s the irony, if the bottom line was so important why on earth would this not be one of the first priorities to sort? 


To produce results sustainably transformation of integrity to ones spoken word is essential. Most people who are accountable for results/KPI’s have a low level of integrity with their word. Sadly this distinction is not prioritised as critically important and needs to be – starts and ends with being ‘your word’


Doing the same thing, getting the same results is ludicrous! When a company or organisation stands for a KPI Empowered Culture it not only dramatically shifts the bottom line but also shifts the ENTIRE culture of an organisation for sales makes or breaks a business. It is a sign of insanity to keep doing what does not work. One needs to set a new precedent and when a precedent is set everything changes, but it must be upheld consistently


There is a lack of focus on training those accountable in sales to CLOSE. Why on earth would you expend all that energy on enrolling a potential client, meeting after meeting, and NOT sign them! I believe there needs to be far more focus on how to MASTER the ‘Art of Closing’, consistently, for this is the key area that is majorly in deficit in most sales teams

(8)      DUTY OF CARE

In KPI disempowered cultures anxiety, depression, overwhelm, feeling pressured, runs rife. No one can sustain days, weeks, months, or even years of being in an environment that disempowers them. All companies/organisations have a duty of care to look after those accountable for sales/KPI’s in a way that is empowering


Even if a company or organisation has a KPI structure in place, 9 times out of 10 the accountability / measurement aspect is sadly lacking. A KPI structure without the right systems in place is dysfunctional and ineffective


In some instances some companies do not have KPI’s for its either all too hard or do not wish to expend the time and effort required to manage/monitor & measure. I believe every single person should be encouraged to wear a sales hat in a business for it is lost revenue otherwise. The effort expended in establishing an empowered KPI culture is not only wise, its essential 


Sally Anderson (NZ)Leadership Coach and Cultural Change ExpertSally brings over 2 decades of experience in cultural transformation, on individual and organisational levels, to the table. She customises leading-edge leadership development programs for CEO’s and Executive teams. Sally believes that if you are going to invest money into change, you better make sure it is sustainable!We are excited to have Sally on board. Her coaching style is fresh and dynamic. One we have not seen before under executive and leadership coaches. Sally partners with C-Suite executives and high-level key influencers to achieve unprecedented ‘sustainable’ RESULTS!Leadership coach at Duchain & AssociatesLeadership Masterclass Facilitator & Cultural Change Expert