Duchain & Associates (DnA) was founded by Rahim Gulamali and Wendy Duchain as a (remote) business mentoring and consulting agency. We are obsessed about delivering meaningful transformations which are sustainable and deliver the success envisioned.


Duchain in french means The Chain. A strong metal string, reinforced to build a lasting connection.

For us, these strong connections are all about giving our clients what they need to grow their businesses, optimise, engage and ultimately give them confidence and trust. With the right network, the right solutions, the right engagement, we achieve the ultimate sustainable transformation.

Expanding our chain of services which are remote by design, tailored to your needs, meticulously chosen by our team to guarantee the quality of services.


Our associates play a key role in the success of the Growth Platform. Combining experiences, approaches, knowledge and solutions makes the associate network a success.

These exquisite and extraordinary group of people build the dynamics to make organisations successful and help them find that sustainability in change. We do not believe in a one size fits all, best practise approach. We believe that every client has their unique charismatics, so should our service be too!

Our continuous search for great Associates enables us to co-create. Interested in learning more…


Duchain ¨N¨Associates (DnA)

DnA is all about resolving business challenges with sustainable solutions. The DnA of your company defines:

  • the approach
  • the dynamics
  • the engagement

needed to achieve these sustainable results!

Our ambition:  to be the Global Business Growth platform and one-stop market place for businesses and specialist!

The new era of remote business consulting has arrived!


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Most services are affiliate & tailored services. After buying the service you will receive a scheduler link where you can book an appointment with the team who will be supporting you. You can easily find a suitable date and book time with them to discuss the next steps

Managed services will apply a Service Level for delivery which you will find in the product specifications. Other offerings require a further alignment.

Let us know which service you are looking for, and we will be able to discuss alternative conditions if required.

We are happy to have a chat and discuss your value-added services. The first step is to schedule a 45-minute call with us to discuss your offering and experience. It´s important for us to guarantee quality, trust and success to clients. Are you up to it?

As an associate of DnA, you play a key role in the organisation and hosting of our events. You will be building out and working with Sr. leaders of great companies, market experts to solve business challenges.

These are important key positions with great exposure. You will understand that we do not take this lightly. Let´s start with a 45-minute intake call to find the synergies by clicking here

Transformation is not about Technology, It´s about people