About Us

D-N-A was founded in 2017 by Rahim Gulamali with the idea of helping companies with business and IT transformation. In my believe a change is not a change, untill the impacted people understand., believe and engage in to the new.

Aquiring new solutions to increase team member effectiveness, better measurements, and better insights is great. Companies are working more and more opn delivering a better customer experience. Approaches are defined to delight customers. If you talk to most software vendors the adoption of their systems take up quite some time. Sometimes dificult to manage from the outside. The transition from the old to the new is often underestimated and with a top down approach, the success of the projects after 12 months are behind. This is often not related to the implemented solution, but the organisations history (change fatique) may drive perception and engagement to the new.

The dynamics in the markets are evolving in an increasing pace. The digital world is delivering new and faster solutions to market. Automation of traditional human traits require people and organisations to adapt to the new era. Projects and programs are defined, KPI’s are set. Solutions are delivered and with the modern cloud solutions, even faster then we ever could imagine. The change is now.

Adoption is in most roleouts underestimated. We believe that high adoption can only be achieved, if you ensure that you guide the transition well. Educate your organisation and deliver. With over 25 years of experience working between Business and IT we have build up extensive knowledge in achieving success by increasing adoption and guiding the transition.

Traditional project management and program management are focussed on the delivery of the solution. D-N-A however goes further. Delivering a project is one thing, but achieving the right adoption of the new is another. By setting clear KPI’s, building the correct data flows to measure, Assessing the business readiness, and defining the plan

D-N-A focusses on ensuring that your program delivers.

  • We help align on clear KPI’s
  • We ensure that KPI’s are feeded with the correct DATA
  • We make sure stakeholders are focussed on the end goal
  • We help take frustration and possible political agenda’s away
  • We ensure that along the journey adoption and engagement increases
  • We build the bridge between business and IT
  • We help stimulating corporate intrepreneurship
  • We deliver your program!

We would love to work with you and understand your mission, your challenges and your objectives. Let’s discuss the journey and work together to deliver success.

Kind regards,

Rahim Gulamali