How Value Proposition Design creates companywide insights Value Proposition Design, have you heard of it? Maybe someone in your company mentioned it being important? If so, did you act? Let us start by sharing some facts that might catch your interest: Based on studies by HBR and many other surveys, an average of 70% of…

Panic never brought anything good (Infographic)

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Measurements against COVID are slowly being lifted (although there is a long way to go), there is still panic going regarding our economy, and the future prosperity of our businesses. The situation now requires creativity, stamina and agility! Your time is valuable, so this time not…


Does your company have a customer first culture? Are your people Involved, empowered and agile? Not sure, then continue reading!

Data Visualisation Services

We at D-N-A specialise in supporting you with data visualisation services with the use of PowerBI or the development of Reports and Dashboards in your Salesforce platform Reports & Dashboards Our consultants have extensive experience with working with team leaders to gain insight into their operational performance. By developing custom reports and dashboards to…

Data Driven Transformation (3 minute read)

Change nowadays, are implemented at the speed of light. Market conditions evolve with the change of generation, digital channels as well as technology. Data is the fuel which drives success or failure. It does not matter if you are a start up, or an established company. Without data and the right analytics, failure is inevitable….