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Leaders in times of change are required to be even more attentive to what’s happening within their organisation. How people cope with change, believe and run with it requires individual approaches across the organisation. Sticking your head in to the sand will not get you anywhere.

Our coaches are here to support you with the transformational side of change leadership, supporting your leadership in applying techniques and behaviors which stimulate agility across the organisation.

Sally developed a methodology to help leaders in business be more resilient, focussed and increase the impact they make on the team. With over 20+ years of experience, she has coached over 100 executive teams across the globe and helped organisations make their transformation sustainable.

All change leadership trainings are customised to the need of the organisation. We encourage you to schedule an intake call with Sally and discuss your case.

Sally is well known for her ability to coach leaders and executives in times of change. Her programs are exquisite and developed around identifying and improving the core strengths of the leadership teams. Bringing them together and building a strong synchronised team

Book time with Sally for an initial intake!