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We are an exclusive network of experienced Sr. Leaders across many types of businesses. We use the utmost confidentiality when working with you and ensure that our Executives can be part of a closed group. No selling. No providers bothering you. To enable us to build this exclusivity, we require you to apply to join the network. This way we can commit to full confidentiality of our services

P2P Mentoring

We believe in the power of peer-to-peer networking. Especially when it comes to supporting our businesses to achieve financial, organisational and operational successes.


Solving business challenges, strategic brainstorming, exploring new business models, Develop Co-creative Opportunities. You will be part of a small group of max 8 pèople brainstorming your case.

Exclusive Events

Our events are designed around sharing expertise and building out long-lasting relationships between peers. No Selling of services, No targeting of providers! We connect executives so that they can empower each other!

Empowering Sr. Leaders and Executives through the power of Co-Creation

There are many business networks out there. But soo little focus on enabling executives to co-create and elevate. Joining our network means that the network works for you. Together we build out that exclusivity. Fully facilitated to suit your needs.

Are you looking to be part of something bigger? Then this is the opportunity to join the DnA Executive Network BCN. A place where you can meet your peers, build out your network, and find solutions for your organisational challenges.

Want to explore joining our community? Lets talk!

Our Network

  • CEO
  • CFO
  • CMO
  • Senior Leaders
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Apply to join
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The application process

15-minute intake

The objective is to understand your background, your challenges and you as a person better. This enables us to connect you to the right networking circle.

The call will take no longer then 15 minutes. Book time now

Let´s talk

Which circle is the best for you?

In 15-minutes we will explore your needs, expertise, background and build out insights to enable us to connect you to an Executive Circle. It´s vital that we ensure the dynamic of the circle is the right one, so the whole circle benefits from being part of it.

Let´s talk

Match and Validation

The next step is the matching process.


  • We will validate the possible Executive Circles with you anonymously
  • You select the circles of interest
  • We promote your profile within the circles of choice
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Join the groups which most match your needs

Now the Networking starts. You will receive an invitation from the selected groups upon which you can join. It´s fully up to you if you join or not. However, when joining you will be expected to contribute.

Let´s talk!

Brainstorm, engage, meet!

The moment you join the circle you will be invited to discuss topics of interest in groups of max 8 people. You have no obligation to join, only when the topic is of interest to you.

You can also bring in topics where you would like others to help you share insights and brainstorm.

Don´t worry, we organise the logistics. The only thing we expect is that you commit, engage and contribute. Your peers need to spend their time well. So do you!

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