Our Mentorship Programs

Our mentorship programs are designed to build out your skills as a leader or executive or Coach.

We continue selecting some of the greatest mentors and coaches in their area. Our aim is to avoid the one size fits all approach, and achieve real impact to you or your organisation.

Check out the programs below as we continue updating the offerings!

  • Co-Creative Leadership Partner Program
  • ValueSelling. Give less discount, close faster, change your behaviours
  • Mastermindset


Mentoring & Coaching Lead

Rahim Gulamali is one of the main founders of DnA and responsible for the business mentorship program. Let´s talk and explore your wishes. I´ll take your case forward and introduce you to a matching mentor.

What can you expect

  • Coached by Extraordinary People
  • Executive Level Experience
  • Experts in their area
  • Short, Mid and long term engagements
  • Impact assured
  • Confidentiality guaranteed


Carefully selected and tailored to your organisation’s needs

  • Start solving your challenges
  • Take ownership
  • Build your plan for success
  • Live your purpose
  • Make an impact

The ability to influence people to get things done


Ben Keen, Enabling D&B Sales Teams

with Knowledge and Confidence

To enable growth, you must first confront your fears. Your background, History, Private situation and experiences all fuel the way you operate on a day by day basis. Behaviours are touch to break.

That’s where we come in. Our business mentors have coached 1000´s of people and organisations over their careers. They bring a wealth of knowledge and dynamics which ensure that behaviours can be broken down and new ones developed.  We know like no other that this is not fo everyone.

Are you ready to confront and own the personal or organisational transformation?