Annemarie Cross

Position: Entrepreneur Coach
Department: Associates


CEO and Founder of Industry Thought Leader Academy, Annemarie Cross is a Personal Brand & Podcast Strategist and Business Coach, Speaker, Author and Host of the Internationally syndicated award-winning podcast – The Ambitious Entrepreneur Show. Recently cited as one of the Top 20 Business Coaches in Melbourne - Australia, Annemarie works with ambitious entrepreneurs, executives, consultants, and coaches, helping them create a compelling message and program offerings to build their reach and reputation as a Trusted Authority and increase their revenue. Legendary among Annemarie’s diverse client base are executives securing elusive interviews, fast-tracking job offers, and maximizing salaries for their dream jobs, with one client reporting a 70% boost to his salary—a direct result he cites through working with Annemarie. Another one of Annemarie’s clients – an entrepreneur, doubled her income (for the entire prior year) in just four months after implementing key steps that Annemarie teaches on how to transform hours-for-dollars coaching and consulting into lucrative information products and packages through her Core Business Foundations Program.

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