Sam Rehan

Department: Associates


Sam Rehan: Wellbeing Professional Sam began sharing her ultimate wellbeing techniques 30 years ago. Since 2008, she has worked to enrich the happiness and health of people from all walks of life. She shares easy, fast accessible ways to help you access more relaxation She only teaches the methods, that she uses, for ultimate wellbeing to generate more happiness. How does Sam work? Sam is passionate about working globally - that is with all groups of people, workplaces, charities and communities. She works with flexibility and with inclusion for all - all ages, abilities, health status or background. Her top strengths are kindness, fairness, gratitude, creativity, teamwork, excellence, leadership and lastly, but not least humour! A bit more about Sam's background After completing a science degree in 1993 (London, England), Sam worked as a development scientist in the city of Oxford. She then found her passion in training professionals and working with groups. Sam spent 8 years as a global trainer and taught in over 44 locations worldwide. She has worked as a part-time carer for people with dementia and has supported individuals experiencing health challenges. She is additionally a qualified holistic health practitioner and mother of two children. She is based in the UK but globally active.

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