Some time ago we completed a great project for Altares -Dun & Bradstreet. Our main objectives were set around optimising the post sales support structure for Benelux and the UK/IRE markets. View the Project Review with David Verheecke (1 minute video). We support organisations with process optimisation, redesign and adoption of new ideas and concepts….


Most CRM implementations fail! Why? CRM implementation is not just an implementation of a contact database. Or a sales forecasting solution. Nowaday’s CRM implementations are process implementations, ensuring that the end to end customer journey is monitored, adjusted and measured. Implementing a technical solution nowaday’s will not suffice in achieving increased customer retention and subsequently…


With every growth program it is vital to have a clear view on what Performance Management means for the customer. Are we talking about financial performance, operational, product of sales performance. As with all programs it starts with making sure we speak the same lingo. At D-N-A we have successfully delivered the following programs Group…


We Love gathering insights. Especially insights which drive the success of your agile program. Learning from mistakes, Assessing the impact of just monitoring the use of your systems and Products.


Over the course of years, we have supported different companies with Interim Management services. Some examples are: Interim Project Manager SAP FSCM Interim Finance Manager (Gemeente Den Haag) Interim Manager (SNV) Interim Credit Manager (20+ projects) Team Leader Outsourcing (SENA) Sales and Operations Transformation Program Director (Altares) Director Customer Operations Program Director business/IT (15+ projects)…