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With every growth program it is vital to have a clear view on what Performance Management means for the customer. Are we talking about financial performance, operational, product of sales performance. As with all programs it starts with making sure we speak the same lingo. At D-N-A we have successfully delivered the following programs

  • Group aligned Commercial Payplan
  • Redesign Salesforce to derive new insights on Nett New and Booking
  • Align on terminology and synchronise approach
  • Operational Performance KPI alignment
  • Sales Performance KPI alignment
  • Lead Performance MQL/SQL
  • Financial Performance (Revenue Recognition)

With our international focus on supporting businesses with achieving sustainable growth, we have learned that the biggest complexity in delivering these projects are linked to culture, change resistance and in a lot of cases the lack of insights what works and not works. My listening carefully, understanding the business model we have achieved positive results.

Our job: Make sure that the People, Processes and Systems are synchronised and focussed on the result. We work with an open mind, taking lessons learned from best practises, but stay flexible to company and market differentiation.

Do you struggle with getting alignment for your program. Book some time with a GrowthBroker Coach by clicking here. It’s free of charge. We are here to help you succeed. And if you do want us to help we discuss the required support later.

Creative, energetic, solutions oriented and highly motivated with great communication skills!

Casper de Groot, CFO at Altares Benelux


Business coach, Program Lead, Interim CXO, COO, CIO, CSO, from strategic design to physical delivery! Passionate about growing people and a firm believer that the journey is just as important as the ultimate goal. By empowering team members we create the entrepreneurs of the future! Recognised (see recommendations) by former clients, team members and partners as the go-to person when it comes to his track record in delivering purpose and meaning in transformations! Rahim is the power behind Duchain & Associates, a network of Growth Consultants! Completed over 50 successful programs over the past 20 years at a success rate of 98%, Impressive! Pioneer in the area of transformational consulting, leadership and organisational development, topped up with in-exhaustive energy, creativity and passion make him one of the most desirable transformational leads working in today´s market! Rahim is based in Barcelona (Spain)! His work area extends to EMEA and US with past engagements covering most continents! A fun fact. Rahim is a wannabe DJ (a source of creativity), a devoted husband and father (The caring part) and Dogwalker (he calls this sports). Connect and grow with us!