DnA and Pendo.io are partners in the Product Experience Solutions space

Looking into driving better digital adoption of your product?


DnA and Pendo.io have signed up a partnership agreement to support clients with optimising their digital product experience. The solutions Pendo offer, are in line with our focus to help companies grow and delight customers with the right product experiences.

Pendo is a product cloud that helps digital product teams and application owners deliver software experiences that users love. Pendo combines powerful product usage analytics with user guidance, communication, feedback, and planning tools to offer the most complete integrated platform for digital product teams. With Pendo, product teams can understand product usage, collect feedback, measure sentiment, onboard users, and announce new features in app—all without requiring engineering resources.

Gain actionable insights to influence every part of the journey!

Enabling your product to drive business growth

The areas of business impact


  • Increase Trial Conversions between 10-25%
  • Increase Product Qualified leads for Upsell and Growth up to 25% ARR/LTV
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty by 25% increase of NPS scores


  • Improve support efficiency with 15%
  • Increase onboarding efficiency in time with 25%
  • Reduce product analytics overhead up to 95%
  • Increase feedback collection up to 50%


  • Reduce Churn by 1-5%
  • Rationalise product investments and create efficiencies in Roadmapping Process up to 25%
  • Ensured adoption and engagement up to 50% in feature improvement


Organizations are more likely to raise capital

  • 18% more likely to raise a subsequent round of funding than the average startup
  • 40% more likely to raise a Series A than average seed-funded companies

And are able to raise funding faster

  • On average, Pendo customers raise funding 9 months after purchasing Pendo.
  • The industry average between rounds is 18-24 months.

DNA & Pendo.io

At DnA we are strong believers that achieving growth is achieved by optimising People, Process and Systems. Ensuring that data driven insights are used to drive successes. The partnership with Pendo.io delivers new value propositions in the market and enables our SAAS clients to be more effective in how the develop their solutions to solve customers pains. Together we offer an excellent opportunity to fuel growth, make data driven decisions, and help gain insights in product usage, performance and ultimately deliver growth.

Contact us for an initial intake to see how we can support you grow!

We will guide you from design to go live, and make you self supporting on the platform

With a collaborative approach, DnA will support you throughout the process. Delivering the right level of support from design to continuous improvement. Together with the Pendo.io team we are here to bring success to your business and achieve sustainable growth throughout the journey.

We are here to help you grow! Schedule time with us to discuss your case. We will guide you through the process and help you set the right foundations for growth!

DnA and Pendo.io are partners in the Product Experience Solutions space