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This masterclass is designed to guide you and our leadership team through a methodical journey where we align the annual investment plans and growth strategies. We will power up the impact using simple models, understandable for your people, and help you build out an aligned annual investment plan to optimise your performance. This model has been used by many organisations to build a coherent plan, KPI´s and objectives for their annual plan. It covers all levels of the growth strategy and makes it easy for teams to understand how the targets will be achieved.

We developed a 4-8 week program to help business leaders built a coherent annual strategy, and subsequently, deliver a great story to investors and team members. The following modules will help you build a great coherent plan, measurable and understandable to your audience!

  • Module 1: Characteristics of the Focus Pyramid
  • Module 2: Foundations (people, process/technology)
  • Module 3: Data Management/Insights/Learnings
  • Module 4: Innovation and Solutions (What do you think the market wants versus what do they actually need)
  • Module 5: Marketing investments and focus
  • Module 6: Pipeline Creation and Analytics
  • Module 7: Growth Performance Management & Value Stream Design

Upon completion of these masterclasses, you will define the core objectives of your strategy, make success measurable and have a designed program. Investments and optimisations needed will become tangible. Most importantly. Your whole team will understand and be on the same mission ensuring focus is on the right things!

This is not just a masterclass where we explain, in this masterclass, you will be working on actually building/validating the plan! We will give you all the tools you need. Identify the potential risks both of the plan, as development areas, and give you the insights you need!

The program

This Masterclass is developed to deliver a coherent annual strategy, and subsequently deliver a great story to investors and team members. The following modules will help you build a great coherent plan, measurable and understandable to your audience!

Module 1: Characteristics of the Focus Pyramid

In the first module, we will run through the objectives of building a customised focus pyramid for your organisation. The objectives of all teams to achieve the topline growth numbers and define investments which contribute to the success of the organisation. We will explore the insights of your team and build up the structure in line with your organisational needs.

Module 2: Foundations (people, process/technology)

The foundations are interlinked to how your organisation is designed from lead to final delivery to your customer. In this module, we will discuss the teams, KPI´s and objectives. We will explore the improvement area´s and set the bar for building-out the foundational improvements needed to optimise and fix existing challenges the business experiences. Within the foundational, we will also look at the investments needed to keep the organisation running, help build understanding between teams about the challenges and improvements!

Module 3: Data Management/Insights/Learnings

As with any concept or idea, it´s vital to ensure that the insights are backed up by data, insights and leanings. Using the experience of your team, ensuring that initiatives are backed up with the right insights. In this module, we will be working with you to gain an understanding of the insights needed to deliver a coherent investment strategy. We will work with you and your team to gain an outside-in view and ensuring that you will get the tools you need to build this up well.

Module 4: Innovation and Solutions

Innovation/solutions are improvement tools we produce to stay relevant to our clients. Investments into new initiatives require strong execution and an interlink across your organisation. Making the choice to implement a new financial system, does not only impact finance but will impact all teams in somewhat way. These hidden cost of organisational transformation are often not highlighted in the business plan. New solutions require a 360º view of the impact on the organisation. Changing something like for instance implementing marketing automation, or success automation has an impact on all levels of the organisation.  In this module, we look at the investment opportunities and the impact they have on a wider scale. Both positive and negative. Where do you invest? Will it pay off, How do you measure success. And most of all, when do you divest. In this section, we critically look at how to invest and divest, create flexibility and at the same time stay relevant

Module 5: Marketing investments and focus

Marketing plays a great role in building momentum for growth. However, as with many new strategies, it´s not always clear on all levels what the impact is. A strong brand, excellent execution, quick closing, Building the right pipe, Validation of directions. Marketing plays a key role in the strategy. In this section, we take a look at how your marketing can impact the success of both topline growth in new business, retention and product success. We will look at the tools you have available, your overall strategy, and support with making clear choices in where to invest and divest in time. Our experience when analysing client data is that marketing activities soo often are focussed on the least profitable target group. Building that insight in growth opportunities is vital to the success of your strategy

Module 6: Pipeline Creation and Analytics

As with any strategy, it starts with the ultimate conversion. In this section, we focus on the execution analytics and insights to improve the execution. With the overall plan being designed to support topline growth, we now focus on how that plan will impact sales effectiveness. We will tap back into the previous modules to gain the understanding of improvement areas. The insights gathered regarding the challenges, changing dynamics will be measured against the existing initiatives. Improving the effectiveness of your sales engine is vital for the execution of your investment plans.

Module 7: Growth

The growth module is focussed on validating all the investments against potential success and result. Using performance analytics to identify potential success. Gain insights into the impact of the initiatives, and build a coherent investment strategy for your organisation which is aligned on all levels. In this module the result will be a clear alignment on objectives, the investments needed, the divestments needed, optimisation objectives and a top-down, bottom-up program plan and deliverables. Optionally we can support by building the value stream map for your investments. A great way to convince investors and people on the value creation of your business strategy.

After the workshops with your team, you will define the core objectives of your strategy, and make success measurable. Investments and optimisations needed will become tangible. Most importantly. Every team has will be on the same mission. Understanding the choices and impacts on all levels.


Read more about this topic in the following blog we published some time ago.

Your mentor


Business coach, Program Lead, Interim CXO, COO, CIO, CSO, from strategic design to physical delivery! Passionate about growing people and a firm believer that the journey is just as important as the ultimate goal. By empowering team members we create the entrepreneurs of the future!

Recognised (see recommendations) by former clients, team members and partners as the go-to person when it comes to his track record in delivering purpose and meaning in transformations! Rahim is the power behind Duchain & Associates, a network of Growth Consultants! Completed over 50 successful programs over the past 20 years at a success rate of 98%, Impressive!

Pioneer in the area of transformational consulting, leadership and organisational development, topped up with in-exhaustive energy, creativity and passion make him one of the most desirable transformational leads working in today´s market!

Rahim is based in Barcelona (Spain)! His work area extends across EMEA and US with past engagements covering most continents!

A fun fact. Rahim is a wannabe DJ (a source of creativity), a devoted husband and father (The caring part) and Dogwalker (he calls this sports). Connect and grow with us!

Practical information

This program has been developed with a remote-first policy in mind. However, interventions and sessions can be done on location. The program is customised to the needs of your organisation. Therefore the program can only be joined by team members within your organisation. We strive to have the groups no bigger than 10 persons, however, some sections may be expanded to the wider organisation. Talk to us to define the right approach for your organisation!

Time Investments:

  • 2 hours per week over 4 weeks (max 8 business leaders)
  • Price is 699 per module
  • Additional support optional against time and Material

Virtual by design

All sessions have been designed as virtual sessions. We deliver these globally and use modern technologies to enable quality streaming and communication. Sessions can also be done on inhouse (additional costs may apply). Please note that possible travel restrictions may be applied to the region you are located. Please take into account rules and legislation.

Additional Services

  • Build a communication strategy which grabs your audience
  • Build the program strategy, which ensures agile delivery
  • Build an adoption strategy for your organisation.
  • For a tailored approach, book a free of charge consultation

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Exchange Policy:

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