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The ‘Co-Creative Leadership Masterclasses’ are designed specifically for the CEO and their executive teams to experience a turbocharged 2-hour immersive masterclass in leadership development

These bespoke masterclasses are interactive in nature and are custom designed to the requirements of the issues that the CEO & Executive teams of an organisation are facing – ANYTHING goes!

Sally Anderson has the unique ability to facilitate what’s called ‘Live Coaching’, where the attendee has the opportunity to table any coaching requests of a personal and or professional nature in a live environment whereby they experience transformative breakthroughs with what they are dealing with. Witnessing the real-time transformation in a group is not only powerful to the recipient of the coaching but for those watching.

Previous masterclasses led over the last 10 years regularly received 9/10 -10/10 ratings.

Co-Creative signature leadership masterclasses unleash leadership potential and equip participants with exposure to a world-class toolbox of leadership skills and resources that specialise in sustainable solutions. Ordinarily, you would not expect the experience of a 2-hour masterclass to change your outlook or to enable you to transform a prevailing circumstance instantly, and forever, but Co-creative Leadership Masterclasses are far from ordinary.

Co-Creative Leadership proprietary education is a tried and proven methodology developed by founder Sally Anderson, who has had the privilege to coach 1000’s of people over a tenure of 3 decades.  She believes that the measurement for leadership effectiveness is the ability to sustain superior results over an extended period of time.


Some quotes from clients: 

‘In one word: Priceless. I cannot put a dollar value on this experience, neither can I describe it except to say every person on the planet needs exposure to Sally’s skills, tools and models. Sally Anderson is like Tony Robbins on speed…unbelievable value.’


After 40 years of management training and personal and professional development courses, this is the first truly transformational programme I have been on that will last!’


Sally’s delivery was of Olympian standards. I cannot THANK YOU her enough for setting the bar at the highest of levels with one of the MOST COMPELLING of presentations I have heard in my almost 50 years in business

The Program

The Co-creative Leadership Masterclass is dedicated to ‘live coaching’ into any aspect participants raise pertinent to their world personally & professionally plus interweaves aspects of Sally’s Co-Creative Leadership proprietary education focused on raising the consciousness of those who lead.

Each masterclass is different because every audience is different, no two masterclasses are the same.  Any topic can be discussed in this live forum. What’s unique about the 2-hour masterclass is that you get to design it.  This is not an experience where the format is pre-determined.  Courageous leaders who embrace these masterclasses are guaranteed of walking away with a heightened level of awareness about interpersonal development to a new level.

Given that you define the agenda for the session, anything goes personally or professionally.  Key outcomes are pre-determined as part of the facilitation to measure return on investment.

12 Benefits of those attending

  1. Co-Creative Leadership – Leveraging ones co-creative ability
  2. KPI Empowered cultures v KPI Disempowered cultures
  3. Equanimous Leadership – Learning to master sustained empowerment
  4. Mastering The Inner Game
  5. Evolved Communication Proficiency
  6. Increased Operational Efficiencies
  7. Being Leadership v Doing Leadership
  8. Legacy Leadership
  9. Accountability Management v Time Management
  10. Navigating Conflict
  11. Cultural Synergy & Alignment
  12. Elevating Human Capital


Practical information


  • FACILITATED: By Sally Anderson – Co-Creative Leadership Coach
  • TIME COMMITMENT: 1-hour preparatory questionnaire in advance of masterclass per participant /2-hours with CEO & Executive Team
  • COMPLIMENTARY OFFERING: BOOK NOW for a 1-hour complimentary exploratory consultation session to interested parties online via [clicking here]

Services are conducted online globally

Book a free of charge consultation

Not convinced yet? In need for more information?

  • COMPLIMENTARY OFFERING: BOOK NOW for a 1-hour complimentary exploratory consultation session to interested parties online via [clicking here]

Services are conducted online globally

Sally will be happy to talk you through the benefits of the masterclass and work with you on the masterclass objectives


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Cancellation Policy

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What happens if I already received the services?

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Exchange Policy:

Alternatively, we can offer you an alternative service to cover the needs of your organisation. Besides the solutions we have online, our consulting team is able to offer customised solutions to answer any business question you have. We this simple and ensure quick resolution. 

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