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The Co-Creative Leadership Coaching Partnership Programs are a global first for there is no other elite leadership coaching framework focusing on the sustainability element of personal and or professional transformation. We believe ‘If you are going to invest money into change, let’s make sure it is ‘sustainable!

These bespoke programs are immersive in nature and are a fresh, integrated leadership archetype designed to ensure you can better meet the adaptive needs of the communities you serve now and into the future.

With 30 years of global experience, we are distinguished by the practice of partnering clients to sustainable results and meaningful transformation. Driven by the purpose of equipping leaders with learning techniques that develop an untapped capability to not only respond to but thrive, in modernity characterised by deepening complexity, rapid change and radical disruption. We are proud to be a contributing force to those at the elite level of leadership the expansion of this growth edge.

A growing number of organisations are now accurately informed with the insight that hard skill competencies & subject matter expertise are just the visible tips of the leadership iceberg. To experience vivacious, unprecedented and sustained results, it’s essential to breach the surface of linear thought and build proficiency with a deeper, more whole and inclusive, humanistic approach – the co-creative realm.

The program design is experiential and encompasses 15 Foundational Pillars which act as seeds to achieving sustained greatness, driving breakthrough exponential results for the leader thereby creating a legacy that lasts.It is our pleasure to introduce you to a framework by way of a brief outline and welcome the opportunity to develop the conversation further online. Co-Creative Leadership proprietary education is a tried and proven methodology that has transformed thousands of peoples’ lives sustainably!

Developed by founder Sally Anderson, who has for over three decades meticulously evolved the curriculum to world-class standards, believes that its success is due to the privacy and confidentiality that is key to transcending decades of preconditioning unique to the human condition.

This education has the ability to transform individual, organisational and societal norms.

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6-9-12 Month durations (Pricing is based on a monthly rate, select the number of months you want to join the program)
After the initial term, additional months can be added to suit your needs

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The program

CEO’S C-Suite Executives Managing Directors Board Chairs Leading Edge Entrepreneurs Politicians Millionaires Billionaires

Given the calibre of leadership clientele we coach, they require a different level of discretion, privacy, and confidentiality. In some cases, leaders at this level don’t want anyone to know they are being coached. In these instances, we can act as an ‘invisible coach’ supporting you behind the scenes as a trusted advisor/confidant/partner guiding the transformative change process


Co-Creative Leadership 15 Foundation Pillars
Co-Creative Leverage Legacy Blueprint Leadership Cadence ELITE Performance Acceleration Values Integration
Slipstream Alignment Communication Mastery Recalibration Mastering The INNER Game Maximizing Personal Effectiveness Resilience Mastery Equanimous Leading/Living
Wholistic Reinvention Organisational Ecosystem Investment Value Management (IVM) KPI Empowered Cultures Learning Agility Fostering A Culture Of Innovation


We work with high-level influential leaders and organisations to embed highly impactful insights and practices garnered from 30 years in the global enterprise, and human development arenas We guarantee clientele the highest level of discretion, confidentiality and security. Offering a service of complete anonymity for public figures, state representatives, high profile individuals The commitment needed to transcend global challenges is the continued evolution of conscious awareness and ‘human skills’ of those who lead Our life intention and work is to significantly impact leaders of influence by enhancing human capabilities and creating partnerships defined by impeccable performance We are positioned to discreetly serve the conscious elite, who intuitively command that a commitment to legacy matters second to none

MOST PRICELESS ASPECT OF THE PROGRAM: UNLIMITED access to on-call coaching between sessions

Your mentor

Sally Anderson (NZ)

Leadership Coach and Cultural Change Expert

Sally brings over 2 decades of experience in cultural transformation, on individual and organisational levels, to the table. She customises leading-edge leadership development programs for CEO’s and Executive teams. Sally believes that if you are going to invest money into change, you better make sure it is sustainable!

We are excited to have Sally on board. Her coaching style is fresh and dynamic. One we have not seen before under executive and leadership coaches. Sally partners with C-Suite executives and high-level key influencers to achieve unprecedented ‘sustainable’ RESULTS!

  • Leadership coach at Duchain & Associates
  • Leadership Masterclass Facilitator & Cultural Change Expert



Sally Anderson has a unique and powerful way of re-shaping the core (the leadership) of an organization and then expanding that core to such a degree that the cultural DNA is changed forever. Her understanding of the human psyche, and her ability to use this insight to reconfigure the way in which leaders lead, places her as one of the greatest leadership influencers of our time

Terry Hawkins (CSP), Founder/CEO, People In Progress Global

Sally is one of those extraordinary people you only get to meet a few times in your life. To elevate consciousness on the planet is the greatest and most worthy job any teacher can undertake as such Sally is a modern-day bodhisattva. A rare soul who pauses on their journey to enlightenment to ferry others across the river of consciousness.

Matt Church / Founder Global Thought Leaders

“There are many voices in the world of leadership. So many that one could describe it as a cacophony of noise. Every now and then a fresh sound emerges from that mosh-pit of sound and distinguishes itself through authenticity and truth, often brutal, but yet still very essential.

Sally Anderson is a fresh, vital voice in the world of leadership. I’ve known, worked with and been coached by Sally. I know what I’m talking about. Sally Anderson is the real deal!

I’ve been in the audience when Sally has ‘live coached’ a room full of experienced business leaders and saw the transformation in its purest form – emotional rebirth – take place. I’ve seen both men and women lose the facade of pretence and literally shine with the peace that comes with being real… being true… being who they were designed to be… authentic leaders with a mission worth pursuing

Eugene Moreau / Eugene Moreau Consulting International


Bold, courageous, futurist, game-changer, unbridled drive, raw, inspirational, stand out, world-class, intuitive, captivating, passionate, empathetic, life changer, exceptional, integrous, masterful, mental surgeon, equanimous, pioneer, trailblazer, compelling, impressive, impactful, remarkable, memorable, genuine, thought-provoking, straight shooter, profound, visionary


linkedin.com/in/sallyanderson-ceocoach to read full profile



Practical information


  • FACILITATED: Private 1-1 with Sally Anderson – Co-Creative Leadership Coach
  • TIME COMMITMENT: 1 hour per week, set date and time forecasted for full-term (1 st setup session – 2 hours/Half Way Juncture – 2 hours/Final Completion session – 2 hours) Based on interest to proceed customised documentation is presented CLIENT PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT / CLIENT PREPARATORY QUESTIONNAIRE PERSONAL ASSESSMENT, 6 months
  • COMPLIMENTARY OFFERING: BOOK NOW for a 1-hour complimentary exploratory consultation session to interested parties online via [clicking here]

Services are conducted online globally

Book a free of charge consultation

Not convinced yet? In need for more information?

  • COMPLIMENTARY OFFERING: BOOK NOW for a 1-hour complimentary exploratory consultation session to interested parties online via [clicking here]

Services are conducted online globally

Sally will be happy to talk you through the program, options and work with you on the program objectives.


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Cancellation Policy

EU Law prescribes that for all services acquired via our DnA MarketPlace, 14-days no question asked refund is applicable. If you change your mind or made a mistake. You don´t have to worry. We will refund you the amount paid as long as the services have not been delivered!

What happens if I already received the services?

If the services have been delivered by the associate, DnA will mediate a solution and ensure that for both parties there is a satisfactory outcome.  Although DnA is not the ultimate contract partner, be assured that we will do everything we can to ensure that there is a good solution for all involved parties!

Exchange Policy:

Alternatively, we can offer you an alternative service to cover the needs of your organisation. Besides the solutions we have online, our consulting team is able to offer customised solutions to answer any business question you have. We this simple and ensure quick resolution. 

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