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I will prepare you to be a peak-performing leader that creates amazing workplaces and life-changing experiences, that breathes business and inspires others to become their best selves. It’s a fast-track to world-shaping leadership.

96% of transformational programs fail. Only 4% achieves the benefits in the long term (Source: McKinsey)

I operate as an executive-level confidant. I work with Executive and Sr. leadership teams to enable them to succeed in their strategic and change objectives. The work I do varies from an Organisational guide to leadership advancement to helping you build out a sustainable change program.

What should you expect to get out of our partnership?

With over 25 years of leading organisations through change initiatives, I have found that building a sustainable change program requires Strong leadership, Accountability, Belief, Trust, Desire and the right agility across the organisation.  Most changes fail as the core foundations have not been anchored correctly, there is too much politics, and in most cases, the leadership team was not experienced in leading the organisation through change.

I help you build that strategic foundation and guide your most challenging enterprise, program and project-level people transformations.


How will I help you achieve your objectives?

  • Develop a growth mindset
  • Practice excellence in all your daily tasks
  • Organize your schedule for full performance
  • Engage with habits and routines that boost your (team) energy and keep your wellness high and balanced
  • Boost your informal leadership and optimise your personal brand based on trust and empathy
  • Lead by example to foster high-performing, highly engaged teams around you
  • Practice effective delegation though the empowerment of others
  • Understand and practice some key principles to inspire others to follow you and take action
  • Improve your business and organisational vision
  • Improve your communication skills, delivering clear and concise messages, both upwards and downwards
  • Leverage your network and personal brand to get more and better opportunities

Why should you work with me?

Many clients I mentor come to me because of my widely spread experience in financial, operational, technical and commercial executive roles. Especially in cases where organisations have had a downturn in revenue, and restructuring has taken place or is needed to prepare the organisation for growth. This experience accelerates my understanding of different perspectives and functions in business, in the context they are shared and what they truly mean. It´s not only the ability to read between the lines but effectively analyse and deliver insights into what is really happening.

I bring this experience to the table combined with a proven track record in running organisational change initiatives.  Experience is one thing, the ability to help you shape your vision by asking the right questions, analysing the right data, and designing the future which is sustainable for your organisation, requires agility, creativity and an open mindset to the new.

Data is the fuel to enable quick decisions, agility is the tool to stay relevant, accountability is the tool to enable creativity and flow.

I enable you to profit from the program benefits and empower you to make them sustainable in the longer term.


Key Expertise Area´s

I understand there is no one way to design an effective people and change strategy. It has to fit your company culture, match your values, and integrate with your long-term strategic goals. Every organization has unique transformation needs that require a partner to meet those challenges.

That’s why we work together to develop the right solution for you, which includes:


  • Strategy Optimisation
  • M&A and Integration
  • Organisational Performance Management
  • Financial Performance Management
  • Value Proposition & Funnel Optimisation
  • Lead to Cash optimisation
  • Compliance & Risk
  • Insights Analytics, Master Data Management, Data-Driven Change (BI/Six Sigma Black belt)
  • Business Readiness Assessments and Adoption Strategies


  • Executive Coaching
  • Change Leadership
  • Change Communication
  • Team Strategy & Tribe Development
  • Organisational ownership and Accountability
  • Tribe Development


  • CRM Optimisation (Salesforce, Hubspot, MS Dynamics)
  • Business Readiness Assessments & Adoption Strategy (ADKAR)
  • Optimisation Product Strategy
  • DesignThinking/ValueProposition
  • Digital Adoption/Business Readiness
  • Agile Program Direction
  • Service Optimisation

For who:

  • Executive Teams
  • Private equity/Investors
  • Sr. Leaders in Sales, Ops, IT, CX, Finance & Risk
  • Highly specialised businesses specialised in SAAS, technology and Service-Oriented Business
  • Organisations who are looking to revitalise programs


Changing an organisation, reinvigorating programs, coaching and training leaders in times of change, redefining your customers, solutions or changing the dynamics require your organisation to gain insights and redirect its objectives.

As part of my engagements, I have developed foundational workshops tailored to the engagements I have with clients. We mix and mingle methods to suit your needs. Here a brief overview of the workshops I offer:

Investment Strategy Masterclass/Program

This masterclass is designed to guide you and our leadership team through a methodical journey where we align the annual investment plans and growth strategies. We will power up the impact using simple models, understandable for your people, and help you build out an aligned annual investment plan to optimise your performance. This model has been used by many organisations to build a coherent plan, KPI´s and objectives for their annual plan. It covers all levels of the growth strategy and makes it easy for teams to understand how the targets will be achieved.

We developed a 4-8 week program to help business leaders built a coherent annual strategy, and subsequently, deliver a great story to investors and team members. The following modules will help you build a great coherent plan, measurable and understandable to your audience!

  • Module 1: Characteristics of the Focus Pyramid
  • Module 2: Foundations (people, process/technology)
  • Module 3: Data Management/Insights/Learnings
  • Module 4: Innovation and Solutions (What do you think the market wants versus what do they actually need)
  • Module 5: Marketing investments and focus
  • Module 6: Pipeline Creation and Analytics
  • Module 7: Growth Performance Management & Value Stream Design


Upon completion of these masterclasses, you will define the core objectives of your strategy, make success measurable and have a designed program. Investments and optimisations needed will become tangible. Most importantly. Your whole team will understand and be on the same mission ensuring the focus is on the right things!

This is not just a masterclass where we explain, in this masterclass, you will be working on actually building/validating the plan! We will give you all the tools you need. Identify the potential risks both of the plan, as development areas, and give you the insights you need!

Leadership Team Building Workshop

Do you really know your leadership team? What motivates them, what their predominant leadership style is, and what moves them? Through a combination of lectures and active teamwork, your team will be developing a team canvas to highlight the as-is and use this to build the to be state of the team.

Outcomes of discussions will be documented and actioned downstream into the organisation.

Business Strategy formulation Workshop

The concept behind the workshop is to build out your annual business strategic imperatives and frame them into a Business Strategy Mapping Canvas.

In general, this is used to build out the end to end program, assess as is goals versus future goalsetting, and enable swift alignment across functions within the organisation.

Team Strategy Workshop

The team strategy workshop is designed to enable the team to become a self-steering team. Like the leadership team building workshop, they will assess the as-is behaviours and imperatives and define the to-be state.

The team will also define their action plan for the 60-90 day´s period and align on team improvement areas, enabling them to own the team transformation. you as a leader are there to coach them, with the team accountable and owner for the results

Lead to cash workshop:

Many organisation have implemented a cumbersome process with sometimes too much complexity. Some linked to compliance rules; others linked to internal protection.

The lead to cash workshop takes a look at the end to end process with the key stakeholders and explores the pros and cons of these processes to minimise the impact on time loss, motivation and risk.

Value Proposition optimisation

Value Propositions are in general used in Product Development, Marketing and sales. It´s a tool to measure up the value of your product towards the needs of your clients.

In this workshop, we use the Value Proposition method to assess each team’s value to your clients. We enable better insights into activities that contribute to the success and which not. Furthermore, we explore new optimisations which enable your clients to want to do more business with you.

People Readiness Assessment

Even with an effectively architected business plan, the most commonly cited reason for project failure is problems with the people side of change.

In parallel, the five steps or outcomes to build on the people side of change are the elements of the ADKAR Model:

  • Awareness of the need for change
  • Desire to participate in and support the change
  • Knowledge of how to change
  • Ability to implement the change on a day-to-day basis
  • Reinforcement to keep the change in place


This engagement is a combination of workshops and consulting. We will enable your team to run the assessment across the organisation and build a plan to help your organisation deliver on the change objectives.

If you are looking for a customised solution, please schedule time with me. Together with our associates, we like to co-create solutions to help you solve your challenges. Schedule time here

Speaking Engagements

In the past 25 years working on transformational programs, I have seen a huge change in how we deliver projects to the market. Also a major change towards the adoption of the new. Pending on the objectives of your event, I´m able to share my experiences on a wide variety of topics related to organisational change, leadership and people.

Through the DnA Executive Transformation Network, I offer 2-time slots for speaking engagements and 1 option for Event moderation.

  1. 30-minute talk
  2. 45-minute talk
  3. Event Moderation


Select the option you would like via the drop-down box


Podcast, Publications and Socials

My Two Cents Podcast

My Two Cents podcast is all about inspiring (Sr) Leaders and Executives with insights from experts in their area and other executives. We are not talking about statistics, but moreover sharing daily or life experiences.


Social Media:

If you not connected with me on the various socials, I invite you to do so. I´m always happy to help and connect you with people who can help you solve your challenges.

Click here to view the channels you can reach me!



Why should you work with me?

Many clients I mentor come to me because of my widely spread experience in financial, operational, technical and commercial executive roles. This experience accelerates my understanding of different perspectives and functions in business, in the context they are shared and what they truly mean. It´s not only the ability to read between the lines but effectively analyse and deliver insights into what is really happening.

With a history of over 50 programs delivered in the past across many types of businesses, I now purely focus on mentoring Sr. Leaders with proven coaching methods and a broad variety of tools tailored to the situation. Data is the fuel to enable quick decisions, agility is the tool to stay relevant, accountability is the tool to enable creativity and flow.


Khadiata Sow

Senior Manager at Accenture (Paris)

April 7, 2021,

  • I had the chance to work with Rahim in a Salesforce implementation for Altares. He has wonderful social skills, strong stakeholder management, very effective, good focus and a very good understanding of IT challenges and Salesforce features. I was very impressed by his capacity to challenge the team, and find alternatives solutions. Most of all, it was a pleasure to work with such a good sense of humour people.

Van Lierde Rolf

Van Lierde Rolf

Director Product & Service strategy – a member of the Anchor Circle at Partena Business Solutions (Brussels)

March 24, 2021,

Just starting working with Rahim but already now highly impressed with the ‘customer experience’. Wishing all executive search companies would take such a personalised approach.

Tiago Nunes

Tiago Nunes

Business Development = People + Culture + Change at WagonMaster Group Canada)

June 30, 2020,

Rahim is a true human, meaning he is capable of pondering Emotion , Credibility and Logic. His presentations are very modern and loaded with high quality content.  After meeting Rahim it was clear to me his passion for excellency and burning desire to build a sustainable New Normal

Gérard Drancourt

Gérard Drancourt

Sales Operations Director chez Altares – Dun and Bradstreet

Rahim supported the sales transformation program. During almost one year, he supported us with sales process optimisation, change management and adoption of our CRM. he challenged us to think different mixing professionalism and smile

Michiel Scheepens

Michiel Scheepens

Marketing Technologist | Creative Thinker | Leader | Disrupter | Passie voor innovatie | Gadgetfreak | #MarTech | Data!

October 18, 2019

I was privileged to work very closely with Rahim for several years. Rahim is a real connector. A connector between people, between cultures and between teams. His experience in leading complex projects has helped our organisation enormously. Rahim, thank you and I hope that our paths will soon cross again

Loïc Mathieu

Loïc Mathieu

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

August 26, 2019,

I had the pleasure to work with Rahim Gulamali on a major transformation projet. I have met very few people with such a combination of strategic business acumen, drive and communication skills. Questioning the status-quo and delivering change is always a tricky business. Rahim excels at it.

Lombardo Jeremy

Lombardo Jeremy, CEO JL Consulting

Nous transformons votre entreprise avec des outils informatiques

August 5, 2019,

I’ve worked with Rahim in a transformational project. Rahim has very good skills in Salesforce and the good sense of knowing where do what from a business point of view, which is very appreciable when you are (re)designing the solution architecture. Last but not least, he was the super power to engage people and empower them to grow and adopt new processes, understanding the “why” of the transformation. In few words, a great Salesforce Evangelist with a strategic view on the future state of the program.

Ben Keen

Ben Keen

D&B UK & Ireland Sales Enablement – $120m annual revenue, 4 years revenue growth and Sales plan achievement

December 7, 2018,

Rahim is the consummate professional. He always has a plan, knows how he’s going to achieve it and never gets agitated when things get difficult. He thinks about the big picture without forgetting about the task at hand, and has the ability to influence people to get things done.
I like working with Rahim as his professional style often helps me to think how I could improve my own leadership and behavior.

Paul Turner

Paul Turner

VP at Vonage: Using Salesforce? Looking to transform your customers’ experience? Or your inside sales results? We need to talk.

August 1, 2018,

Rahim has a rare set of combined skills – able to set a vision and priorities, able to execute these through to conclusion, and able to navigate organisations and relationships.
He does all these very well, but it is the combination that in my opinion makes him highly effective.
Rahim clearly has plenty of drive and enthusiasm, explains things well, provides reasons for actions, and has delivered on every commitment he made.

Kathleen Attinello

Kathleen Attinello

Vice President Customer Success & Experience Highmark Inc.(HMHS Health Solutions)

July 30, 2018,

Rahim is an innovator and always demonstrates a strong focus on continuous improvement. I have been extremely impressed with his outside the box thinking and willingness to look at process with an open minded and creative perspective. His ability to execute on strategy and drive results through his leadership style has driven high impact across the organization.

Hélène Bouvier

Hélène Bouvier

Managing Director Accenture Strategy & Consulting

July 30, 2018,

I had the opportunity to work with Rahim on an important lead to cash delievery program
Rahim is someone who has a very deep knowledge of both business and technologies and on the challenges the industry is facing. He has been a key driver of the solution design and on its implementation.
On top of this role, Rahim has been a strong sponsor of the project, bringing the people to work together and supporting the change maagement in order to make the different stakeholders moving jointly to the same target and on the same plan.
It was a pleasure to work with Rahim who is a strong leader, with good project and team management skills as well, and I would be delighted to get the opportunity to work again with him in the future

Previous Engagements:

  • Financial Institutions (ABN/Amro, ING, Rabobank, NN, Robeco, Bank of Scottland, Mazars, Deloitte, EY)
  • SAAS (EdTech, Fintech, TravelTech) (D&B, Altares, Onguard, Accenture)
  • Energy & Utilities (Essent, Eneco, Nuon, Vattenfall)
  • M&A (Credit Tools, Perfetti Van Melle, NTNT, Altares, D&B)


Book a free of charge consult

I know that finding a good mentor who you can trust is not easy. It may even be daunting. For me, it’s important to get to know you better and gain an understanding of your challenges.  So before you order, let´s first have a chat.

I offer you a (max) 45-minute free consult. No strings attached, No Charges. This is our shared opportunity to gain a better understanding of the needs. You can expect me to guide you, or refer you to one of my peers.

Book time now via my DnA Scheduler

About me (Short)!


  • Name: Rahim Gulamali, Empowering Leaders to make change sustainable!
  • Background: MBA Experienced Former Sales, Ops and CX Sr. Leader
  • Focus Area´s: Organisational Transformation, Change and Optimisation, M&A, Transformation, Change Executive, Sales Optimisation, Product Strategy, Customer Experience
  • Skills: Certified Coach, Change, Transformation, Data Analytics, Program Direction
  • Sectors: Technology-driven organisations, international corporates, Scale-Ups
  • Technology: Salesforce.com (Certified), MS Dynamics, Hubspot, PowerBi, Microsoft Certified Specialist


  • Business/Executive Mentor
  • Interim CSO, CIO, COO, CXO, Executive Program Director
  • Business Strategic Development Workshops
  • Peer to Peer Networking
  • Entrepreneur
  • Professional Speaker


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