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Many organisations digitise their current processes. Not many organisations work on future-proofing their products and services. Nor do they change their revenue model, business model or organisational model. Why would they?

Jack Welch, former chairman and CEO of General Electric, once said; “When the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.”

Businesses that don’t stay ahead of the change curve, find themselves in trouble one day.


During the ‘Kill the Company’ session, you will try to kill your own company. Long before that day.

Exploring your organisation’s weaknesses feels uncomfortable and counterintuitive at first. It is also highly successful and provides fertile ground building corporate foresight.

Corporate foresight enables your organisation to detect discontinuous change early and interpret its consequences for your organisation. On that base, you can initiate actions to ensure long-term survival and success.


During the ‘Anticipate’ session, we put Module 1 into practice using a future priming technique. This technique makes you and your team sensitive to weak but important signals. The resulting future facts are uncertain as well as impactful and will enable you to start backward scenario planning. Unconventional and successful.

This session’s consist not only of useful scenario’s but also results in a future primed mind. Capable of Blue Ocean thinking.


Blue Ocean Strategy is based on two books written by Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne. These authors have been in the top of Thinkers50 for more than a decade and currently hold the #1 position. During the ‘Blue Ocean’ session, we will explore Value Innovation, enabling you to find unoccupied territory. Learn to leverage the six path framework to reconstruct market boundaries. With this systematic approach, you create blue oceans and make your competition irrelevant.


All learnings from the previous steps are summarised in the 4th step: Value Proposition Design. You will learn to use the ‘Value Proposition Canvas’ to design and test value propositions in an iterative search for what customers want.

The 4 modules of this course can be booked separately.

Leaving your comfort zone helps you and your team to think faster, bigger, bolder and enables your organisation to achieve extraordinary results. Most barriers are thought to be technical but are in reality related to mindset.

Invest in your team and change that mindset.

The program

Kill the Company workshop is a one-day investment building a Power SWOT by your management team. Great for an offsite or to kickstart your annual planning cycle. The materials and tools are designed to make the outcomes actionable, result-driven and coherent across your organisation. Amongst a vast diversity of topics, we will address your competitive landscape!


  • The competitive landscape
  • Visualisation of all threats that could impact your business
  • Identifying clear timescales where these threats will come to effect
  • Change in customer perception

Inside out:

  • Identifying the fears of your competitors
  • Visualising how you can exploit these fears
  • Mapping the biggest threats coming from your organisation


  • Actioning the pain points, prioritised on importance and effect
  • Updated plan to protect your organisation against possible treats
  • Insights in how to effectively take measures against the challenges
  • Build a basis for your investment plan

Note that we will be using proven templates to guide you through the day. However, all our workshops are customised to your organisation. If you have additional wishes, book a free of charge consultation with us and let us redesign the workshop so you will achieve the benefits you expect!



  • Visualise threats that could impact your business. Coming from your largest competitors. Or from a combination of those competitors. Or from a startup that only abides by the laws of nature
  • Assess your competitor’s ability to implement those threats. And by when
  • Identifying absolute impossibilities within the organisation. And challenge these.
  • Map the biggest threats, which are most likely to become reality and have the most impact on your business
  • Identify the measures you can take to protect your organisation and turn around threats to apply to your competitors


  • Generate future facts, manifestations of a possible changing reality, for your organisation
  • Assess and plot future facts focusing on impact and uncertainty.
  • Develop scenarios based on the key uncertainties
  • Apply backward scenario planning
  • Derive the implication of each scenario for your organisation
  • Develop the first version of a ‘near future wall’ for your organisation


  • draw your ‘as-is’ strategy canvas to identify the key factors of competition.
  • Explore your market boundaries. By looking across alternative industries, across strategic groups, across the chain of buyers, across complementary offerings, across functional/emotional appeal and across time. Each path is extensively illustrated with relevant examples that enable you to assess your strategy from a different angle
  • Draw your ‘to-be’ Blue Ocean Strategy canvas and use the Eliminate-Reduce-Raise-Create Grid to achieve value innovation


  • Summarise all information from the previous steps visually in a ‘Leaving Your Comfort Zone’ Canvas
  • describe what customers are trying to get done by applying the Jobs to be done theory
  • Translate, visualise and discuss all information into a Value Proposition Canvas


Your mentor

Jan de Vries is a senior trainer, business IT consultant, coach and public speaker in the fields of

  • Lean
  • Agile
  • DevOps
  • Business Information Management
  • Antifragility and Strategy Development.

He is convenor of the Enterprise DevOps group. conducting research on large scale deployment of DevOps in organisations. Besides that he is founder of  Blue Ocean Recon where he facilitates the development of Blue Oceans, scan existing strategies for Blue Ocean opportunities. Recently Jan founded Antifragility. A new movement to support organisations in becoming antifragile.

Jan is obsessed with finding Blue Oceans, preparing businesses for sustainable growth, and supporting senior leaders with ensuring they make the right decisions when it comes to achieving sustainability across the organisation.

Other activities:

  • Founder of Blue Ocean Recon – Blue Ocean Strategy Facilitation
  • Convenor of the Enterprise DevOps Group
  • Founder Antifragility.Works
  • Speaker in the fields Lean, Agile, DevOps, BIM, Antifragility and Strategy Development


Practical information

Some practical information to take into account when signing up with your team for this workshop:

Delivery methods:

  • in-company workshops
  • remote workshops


Be prepared to:

  • Be uncomfortable
  • Acknowledge fragility
  • Open up for new dynamics
  • Increase your focus on what really matters
  • Deliver clear benefits to your organisation

Reference Material

This workshop contains ingredients from

Who should attend:

  • Product management teams
  • Management teams in general


Book a free of charge consultation

Book a free of charge consultation with us to discuss your case!

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