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The ‘Mastering The Art Of Closing Workshop – 16 Guaranteed Conversion Elements to Mastering Conversion Sales Trainings Won’t Teach You!’ are designed specifically to focus on the most critical element in the sales process, ie ‘closing’!

These bespoke workshops are interactive in nature and are custom designed to the requirements of the issues your sales force faces with reference to ‘closing the sale’

Based on research over 3 decades it became more and more apparent that there is a lot of focus expended in sales training about networking, prospecting, enrolment techniques and processes but the most important aspect of the sales process, ie closing is rarely focused on to the degree we believe is needed.  Why is this the most critical element?  It has a direct correlation to the bottom line of the organisation, ie money in the bank!

Often times we hear sales professionals and business owners state, ‘Oh I’m not good at closing’, but they not present to the cost of this level of disassociation.

The workshop design is interactive in nature and encompasses the 16 guaranteed elements to mastering the art of closing.  These elements have the ability to move an organisation from a KPI disempowered culture to a KPI empowered culture, one where not only results are produced but more importantly ‘sustainable results’ are produced!  It is our pleasure to introduce you to a framework by way of a brief outline and welcome the opportunity to develop the conversation further online.

Co-Creative Leadership proprietary education is a tried and proven methodology developed by founder Sally Anderson, who has had the privilege to coach 1000’s of people over a tenure of 3 decades – during this time she has coached many sales forces in Franchise companies, Multi-level Marketing companies, Industry sector companies, ie Insurance, Finance, Real Estate, Telecommunications, Information Technology, Hospitality etc and is well informed / well versed to impart her unique skills specific to mastering the art of closing for those organisations interested in exponential results!

The Program

This 2 hour workshop is tailored to the requirements of your sales teams.  A preparatory questionnaire is completed in advance of the workshop by those in attendance.  Workshop participants complete a self audit of the 16 guaranteed elements to mastering the art of closing to then know immediately what to go to work on post the completion of the workshop.  1 hour is dedicated to educating those in attendance about the nuances of mastering the art of closing and then 1 hour is dedicated to live coaching, answering any questions tabled with specific emphasis on the ‘closing’ component of sales

Benefits Of Mastering The Close – Top 16

  1. SUCCESS ASSURED – Improving your closing rate assures success
  2. FREEDOM – Proficiency in closing provides a sense of freedom in all areas of ones life
  3. MORE FULFILMENT/ENJOYMENT – Less frustration
  4. GET INTO THE SLIPSTREAM – No more hard and struggle
  5. MAGIC CLIENT BASE – Onboarding quality clientele
  6. IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY – Improved effectiveness
  7. ABUNDANT CONSCIOUS CLIENTS – Clients that resonate with an abundant mindset
  8. LESS EFFORT – Working smarter not harder
  9. MIRACULOUS RESULTS – Do things differently produces miraculous results
  10. FINDING THE GOLD/EVIDENCE – Standing for a new possibility
  11. IMPROVED STRIKE RATE – Continuous improvement with strike rate
  12. FEELING INVINCIBLE – OWNING what you do more!
  13. SUCCESS FORMULA – When you know what to do it becomes YOUR success formula
  14. EARN RESPECT – Self respect improves and that of others
  15. MORE MONEY $$$ IN THE BANK – Improved results, increased financial return
  16. MAKING A SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE – Ability to reach more people

AND you are ready to overcome any of the Top 20 costs of not closing sales

Impact of NOT Closing Sales – Top 20

  1. FRUSTRATION – No reprieve/Constant pressure
  2. CONFUSION – Why am I not closing?
  3. OVERWHELM – Not knowing how to change the dynamic
  4. FEAR OF LOSING JOB – Constantly not meeting KPI sales targets
  5. FINANCIAL PRESSURE – No/Limited $ in the bank
  6. DISSATISFACTION – Not feeling satisfied, fulfilled or content
  7. SELF CRITICISM – Inner critic running rife
  8. RESENTMENT – Feeling resentful for a lot of effort for little or no return
  9. FEAR & DOUBT – Disbelief it will change
  10. HOPELESSNESS – Not knowing how to regenerate after constant no’s
  11. RESIGNATION – Given up, can’t take it anymore
  12. ISOLATION – Feeling alone, unsupported and misunderstood
  13. POOR HEALTH – Impact of constant pressure taking its toll on your health
  14. DISAPPOINTMENT – Relationships impacted
  15. EMBARASSMENT – Feeling embarrassed – comparing to work colleague/s results
  16. FAILURE – Feeling like a failure, dumb, ineffective, inept
  17. UNCONFIDENT – Confidence knocked by lack of traction with sales results
  18. BANKRUPTCY – Having to close your doors and declare bankruptcy
  19. DEPRESSION – Constant pressure taking its toll
  20. SUICIDAL – Wanting to end it all

Practical information


  • FACILITATED: By Sally Anderson – Co-Creative Leadership Coach
  • TIME COMMITMENT: 1 hour to complete the preparatory questionnaire in advance of the workshop/2 hours for the workshop in a group environment
  • COMPLIMENTARY OFFERING: BOOK NOW for a 1-hour complimentary exploratory consultation session to interested parties online via [clicking here]
  • BOOK NOW for a 1-hour complimentary exploratory consultation session to interested parties online by [clicking here]

Services are conducted online globally

Your Mentor

Sally Anderson (NZ)

Leadership Coach and Cultural Change Expert

Sally brings over 2 decades of experience in cultural transformation, on individual and organisational levels, to the table. She customises leading-edge leadership development programs for CEO’s and Executive teams. Sally believes that if you are going to invest money into change, you better make sure it is sustainable!

We are excited to have Sally on board. Her coaching style is fresh and dynamic. One we have not seen before under executive and leadership coaches. Sally partners with C-Suite executives and high-level key influencers to achieve unprecedented ‘sustainable’ RESULTS!

  • Leadership coach at Duchain & Associates
  • Leadership Masterclass Facilitator & Cultural Change Expert

Book a free of charge consultation

Not convinced yet? In need for more information?

  • COMPLIMENTARY OFFERING: BOOK NOW for a 1-hour complimentary exploratory consultation session to interested parties online via [clicking here]

Services are conducted online globally

Sally will be happy to talk you through the benefits of the workshop and work with you on the workshop objectives


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Cancellation Policy

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Exchange Policy:

Alternatively, we can offer you an alternative service to cover the needs of your organisation. Besides the solutions we have online, our consulting team is able to offer customised solutions to answer any business question you have. We this simple and ensure quick resolution. 

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