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Pendo & DNA are on a mission to improve the world’s experiences with software.

From Fortune 500 enterprises to B2B tech startups to educational institutions and NGOs, organizations around the world use Pendo to achieve a common goal—to build digital experiences users love.

Pendo combines powerful product usage analytics with user guidance, communication, feedback, and planning tools to offer the most complete integrated platform for digital product teams. With Pendo, product teams can understand product usage, collect feedback, measure sentiment, onboard users, and announce new features in-app—all without requiring engineering resources.

Pendo.io solutions are available via the DnA –  Business Solutions Network. DnA is an official reseller and consulting partner for SAAS product development companies. We believe that the Combination of DnA´s experience with Digital Onboarding and Analytics and Pendo.io Product Experience Cloud, we can optimise and help SAAS solutions increase Market Impact and Growth!

Build Products your clients actually want!

Building a new SAAS solution from concept to live launch is a journey. Evolving the solution from start-up to established solution is even more challenging. Keeping an Established solution performing against changing market condition and competition, requires optimal insight, the right funding for enhancements, proof of potential incremental value!


Define the best Market and Customer Strategy for your SAAS solution:

  • Product managers optimising their roadmaps
  • Executives wanting to find investors
  • Organisations who want to build great solutions

4 key benefits of using Pendo.io

  • Increase revenue
  • Decrease the cost of service
  • Mitigate risk
  • Raise funding faster

Modules & Integrations

The Pendo Product Cloud

Understand and guide the entire product journey with a single platform:

Pendo Insights


Analytics to understand what users are doing across their product journey.



Pendo Sentiment


Surveys to capture how users feel about their product experience.

Pendo Guidance


In-app walkthroughs and targeted messaging to improve onboarding and feature adoption.


Pendo Roadmap


Product planning to set, track, and communicate roadmap priorities.


Connected to the tools you use every day.


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Let´s talk!

DnA is official reseller of the Pendo.io Solution. Let´s start with discussing your current solutions and the challenges you have. Book a free of charge 45 minute consultation with us by clicking here!

Our team will assess based on your organisations needs the best possible steps to enhance the product experience and derive the best possible benefits from this solution.


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Cancellation / Return / Exchange Policy

Cancellation Policy

EU Law prescribes that for all services acquired via our DnA MarketPlace, 14-days no question asked refund is applicable. If you change your mind or made a mistake. You don´t have to worry. We will refund you the amount paid as long as the services have not been delivered!

What happens if I already received the services?

If the services have been delivered by the associate, DnA will mediate a solution and ensure that for both parties there is a satisfactory outcome.  Although DnA is not the ultimate contract partner, be assured that we will do everything we can to ensure that there is a good solution for all involved parties!

Exchange Policy:

Alternatively, we can offer you an alternative service to cover the needs of your organisation. Besides the solutions we have online, our consulting team is able to offer customised solutions to answer any business question you have. We this simple and ensure quick resolution. 

General Inquiries

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