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Many Small and Medium-sized businesses struggle with building out a simple to handle, customer focussed, and structured social media strategy. It is time-consuming. Direct benefits are not always clear, and standing out from the crowd with may be daunting and difficult. With over 10 years of experience in supporting small and medium-sized business in optimising their content and social media strategies, we now offer a Kickstarter program to gain control, build a brand, define the right level of investments, and operationalise your communications. In just 1 week we will help you to focus on the right platforms, define a strategy with a structured approach, enabling you to start building that social connection with your clients!

What should you expect?

A good content strategy starts with defining your audience. Who are they? What triggers them? What are their interests? As soon as you know, build your strategy around your target group and start bonding.

In this program, we will support you with defining the following foundations to build out a content and social media strategy, to suit the needs of your customers:

  1. Module 1: DESIGN: Definition of the target group (2 hours)
  2. Module 2: DESIGN: Value Proposition Design (4 hours)
  3. Module 3: PLAN: Definition of content strategy (1 day)
  4. Module 4: PLAN: Creation of a content planner(1 day)
  5. Module 5: CHECK: Advertising via Facebook. Google or LinkedIn (4 hours)
  6. Module 6: CHECK: Measure (Google Analytics, DataBox (License required) (4 hours)
  7. Documentation: ACT Deliver your content strategy documented with useful tools (1 day)


As your business is special, we adapt the approach to suit your needs and the best thing, you will have a plan within just 1 week. Our pragmatical approach is designed to work you through the best way of setting up your social appearance.

For who?

This solution is designed to help SME´s to grow their social presence and connect with their clients. For medium to large businesses, we offer more strategical services to complement their marketing teams and free up time!

Start connecting your businesses online, find new customers, retain existing ones and stimulate clients to connect and buy more!

Your mentors

DNA Wendy Duchain-Gulamali

Wendy Duchain (Social Media, Content, and Events)

Marketing & communication are the thread through my work history. The power of online and offline content quickly became clear to me. Nowadays, customers no longer accept products or services to be imposed upon them. People only consider inspiring, entertaining or helpful “advertising”. Social Media reinforces the need for authenticity and creativity. I like to deliver just that, in both words and images. This way your brand steps into the spotlight and you bond with your target audience.

The past year’s Wendy has worked for Small and medium-sized businesses, supporting them with optimising their social media strategy, building out content, video and animations. Specialised in SEO and Social Media advertising solutions.

Besides Social Media, she supports clients with copywriting services, Events photography and whitepapers. Social Media Marketing is the space she loves working in and has a long track record.





DNA Rahim Gulamali

Rahim Gulamali-Duchain (Marketing & DIgital Strategy Consulting)

With 20 years’ experience in sales & marketing transformations, I mainly focus on the use of digital technologies and solutions. This way I help customers get a solid return on their investment. The right communication, media planning, qualification (MQL / SQL) and picking up leads throughout the organisation is important to convert your target group into your customer. Not only implementation, but follow-up and conversion are important. Ultimately, marketing is all about retention and conversion.

Your brand gets the spotlight it deserves!

Practical information

Service levels:

  • Services are designed to be delivered remotely
  • For the complete program we reserve 40 hours (1 workweek)
  • Program is customisable pending your needs
  • Planning to be defined together

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  • The services are designed as remote services. For onsite support, additional charges may apply
  • Value Proposition Design template included in the product pictures
  • Marketing Strategy Documentation will be delivered upon completion of the program
  • Note: We will not develop content as part of the above program. Upon request, we can offer you an alternative service for Social Media Content creation and managing your profiles
  • Service Available in Dutch and English

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Cancellation / Return / Exchange Policy

Cancellation Policy

EU Law prescribes that for all services acquired via our DnA MarketPlace, 14-days no question asked refund is applicable. If you change your mind or made a mistake. You don´t have to worry. We will refund you the amount paid as long as the services have not been delivered!

What happens if I already received the services?

If the services have been delivered by the associate, DnA will mediate a solution and ensure that for both parties there is a satisfactory outcome.  Although DnA is not the ultimate contract partner, be assured that we will do everything we can to ensure that there is a good solution for all involved parties!

Exchange Policy:

Alternatively, we can offer you an alternative service to cover the needs of your organisation. Besides the solutions we have online, our consulting team is able to offer customised solutions to answer any business question you have. We this simple and ensure quick resolution. 

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