Build Products your clients actually want!

Building a new SAAS solution from concept to live launch is a journey. Evolving the solution from start-up to established solution is even more challenging. Keeping an Established solution performing against changing market condition and competition, requires optimal insight, the right funding for enhancements, proof of potential incremental value!


Group COO & Alliance Partner Lead

Rahim Gulamali mentors Sr. Executives, Board Members and Investors in Data-Informed Decision Making. By gaining insights into overall performance,  the aim is to make the journey to growth real!

For who?

Our combined offering is designed to help you achieve the best Market and Customer Strategy for your SAAS solution:

  • Product managers optimising their roadmaps
  • Executives wanting to find investors
  • Organisations who want to build great solutions

With us you will be able to:

  • Increase revenue
  • Decrease the cost of service
  • Mitigate risk
  • Raise funding faster

Increase revenue

  1. Increase Trial Conversions between 10-25%
  2. Increase Product Qualified leads for Upsell and Growth up to 25% ARR/LTV
  3. Improve Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty by 25% increase of NPS scores

Decrease Cost

  1. Improve support efficiency with 15%
  2. Increase onboarding efficiency in time with 25%
  3. Reduce product analytics overhead up to 95%
  4. Increase feedback collection up to 50%

Mitigate Risk

  1. Reduce Churn by 1-5%
  2. Rationalise product investments and create efficiencies in Roadmapping Process up to 25%
  3. Ensured adoption and engagement up to 50% in feature improvement

Raise Funding Faster

  1. 18% more likely to raise a subsequent round of funding than the average startup
  2. 40% more likely to raise a Series A than average seed-funded companies
  3. On average, Pendo customers raise funding 9 months after purchasing Pendo.
  4. The industry average between rounds is 18-24 months.

Impressed by his ability to listen and understand, his strength in problem solving and negotiation

Bachir Belbachir, Director Customer Operations
Altares – Dun & Bradstreet France

At DnA we are true believers that achieving growth is achieved by optimising People, Process and Systems. Ensuring that data-driven insights are used to drive successes. You build trust and agility throughout the journey

The partnership with delivers new value propositions in the market and enables our SAAS clients to be more effective in how they develop their solutions to solve customers pains.

Together we offer an excellent opportunity to fuel growth, make data-driven decisions, and help gain insights in product usage, performance and ultimately deliver growth.