Join our Masterminds program where our Associates will take you on a monthly journey through whats happening in our transforming world. Bring in your business challenges and brainstorm. Get value from people who are on your level, connect and build your network.

Bring in Business Challenges, Brainstorm with peers, Build a trusted environment and strength your network

Masterminds Lead

Rahim Gulamali is one of the main founders of DnA and the lead on Masterminds networking group. Book time with me to discuss options.

What to expect?

DnA Associates will facilitate sessions, work closely with the mastermind executives, and build out monthly practical sessions where you can network and work through these everyday business challenges.

All mastermind groups are closed groups. We select people to enable the right dynamics where trust and confidentially can be built.


I have met very few people with such a combination of strategic business acumen, drive and communication skills


Loïc Mathieu, Chief Technical Officer @ SEIITRA

To enable growth, you must first confront your fears. Your background, History, Private situation and experiences all fuel the way you operate on a day by day basis. Behaviours are touch to break.

That’s where we come in. Our business mentors have coached 1000´s of people and organisations over their careers. They bring a wealth of knowledge and dynamics which ensure that behaviours can be broken down and new ones developed.  We know like no other that this is not fo everyone.



Are you ready to confront and own the personal or organisational transformation?