Storytelling as a way forward to embed your strategy?

DnA and Toshy art believe that your strategy alignment and further onboarding of that strategy, requires team members to really breath the new. Together we have developed a new service called The Art of Storytelling! A new service where we translate your strategy into storytelling artwork!

What is storytelling?

Storytelling is the art of creating passion and believe of the direction you and your organisation are taking. Translating vision and strategy to real artistic impressions and stories which define who you as company are, aspire to be, will achieve. Bringing the light of customised stories throughout your office space, supporting the growth strategy of your business!

Why use storytelling art?

Many new strategies fail as the real value story and vision of the company is not adopted by the team members as a whole. The top down design of the organisation, the messaging based on people interpretation, and the believe of the mission is a key item to achieve adoption, agility and success.

Take your organisation on a journey through storytelling art!

The areas of business impact


  • Create your company specific stories and art work
  • Get your people to grow and live the stories you envisage
  • Gain motivation to join the movemenbt


  • Grow your customers by delivering vision
  • Retain your customers by creating new values
  • Excite your customers as your teams will transform


  • Tell the right story, grow the believe, create the mission
  • All teams working towards the same goal
  • Increase agility towards testing and learning
  • Enable people to change and own the new objectives

5 step approach

we have designed a simple 5 step approach to delivering you creating storytelling art, designed to motivate your teams, partners and clients to live and breath the mission.

  1. Design sessions to build out the vision and objectives
  2. Brainstorm storytelling art to complete messaging
  3. Live creation of the art in the office by Toshy
  4. Toshy presents creatively via storytelling his artistic views on the journey and launches the paintings to the teams via town halls
  5. (Optional) Roadshow across teams, partners and clients

DNA & Toshy

At DnA we are strong believers that achieving growth is achieved by optimising People, Process and Systems. Ensuring that data driven insights are used to drive successes. From experience the adoption of the new is challenging for companies. To get people onboard, motivated and working on the same mission across markets. offices and teams requires more then just a town hall. It requires purposeful transformation. The partnership with Toshy delivers new value propositions in the market and enables our clients to keep focus and create a positive agile vibe across the organisation.

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