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It has been, and is, a pleasure to work with Rahim on the projects he leads for Altares Dun & Bradstreet.

Rahim has a rare set of combined skills – able to set a vision and priorities, able to execute these through to conclusion, and able to navigate organisations and relationships. He does all these very well, but it is the combination that in my opinion makes him highly effective.

Rahim clearly has plenty of drive and enthusiasm, explains things well, provides reasons for actions, and has delivered on every commitment he made. I really like working with him as a partner, not in a customer-supplier traditional relationship.

If you get Rahim on your project, count yourself very fortunate.

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Business coach, Program Lead, Interim CXO, COO, CIO, CSO, from strategic design to physical delivery! Passionate about growing people and a firm believer that the journey is just as important as the ultimate goal. By empowering team members we create the entrepreneurs of the future!Recognised (see recommendations) by former clients, team members and partners as the go-to person when it comes to his track record in delivering purpose and meaning in transformations! Rahim is the power behind Duchain & Associates, a network of Growth Consultants! Completed over 50 successful programs over the past 20 years at a success rate of 98%, Impressive!Pioneer in the area of transformational consulting, leadership and organisational development, topped up with in-exhaustive energy, creativity and passion make him one of the most desirable transformational leads working in today´s market!Rahim is based in Barcelona (Spain)! His work area extends to EMEA and US with past engagements covering most continents!A fun fact. Rahim is a wannabe DJ (a source of creativity), a devoted husband and father (The caring part) and Dogwalker (he calls this sports). Connect and grow with us!