Our Associates have developed a wide range of workshops to support leaders and executives achieve their objectives in both professional as business life. These workshops are complimentary to the mentorship programs we do, however now also available to help you kickstart new (inspirational) dynamcs throughout your organisation!

With a growing team of Executive Business Mentors, we are continuously updating our offering of in company (virtual) workshops to help you:

  • Lead through difficult situations
  • Improve your close rate
  • Engage your People, Clients and Partners
  • Cultural change management
  • Agile Leadership
  • Coaching your team
  • Inspirational KPI´s
  • The art of achieving adoption

The workshops can be bought as a single event, or combined to build a program for your organisation throughout the year. Visit our webshop to check the options. Interested in talking to us and exploring customised support. Schedule time below

I like working with Rahim as his professional style often helps me to think how I could improve my own leadership and behavior!

Ben Keen. UK&I Sales enablement Leader @ Dun & BRADSTREET

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