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20+ years background in sales and operations transformation, commercial management and performance management. Strong track record in delivering strategic design, value propositions and transformational leadership.

I believe that change will only work, if the people within your organisation are supported with the right technology and processes. In the midst of transforming opening up a culture of corporate intrapreneurship and agility finding new ways to improve and increase ownership and accountability across the business!

Value Proposition Design, have you heard of it? Maybe someone mentioned it’s important?

If so, did you act?

Based on studies by HBR and many other surveys, an average of 70% of all Sales Departments does not achieve their target. Only 5-11 % overachieve their objectives.

Let that sink in for a minute.

How Value Proposition Design helps

Value Proposition Design provides an in depth look into your organisation. Create a project force with members from every team, to stimulate understanding for each other’s job and point of view. The one-pager this team creates turns your company into an agile end to end selling machine.

CAUTION! Your company will:

  1. move from Product Design Improvements to organisational design improvements.
  2. become a test and learn environment.
  3. evolve top down as well as bottom up.
  4. become an agile, end to end selling machine.

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